How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

Written by Sophie Robertson, In software, Technology, Published On
February 3, 2023

Tracking your phone can prove useful for a variety of reasons. For instance, you could have misplaced your device, or you may simply want to keep tabs on your loved one’s whereabouts throughout the day. Gone are the days when you had to pester people with frequent phone calls inquiring about their location. Today, there are remarkable apps that provide accurate cell phone locations without access to the target phone.

How to Track Someone Without Touching their Phone

Cell Phone Location

Read on to learn how to track someone without touching their phone.

Which App Do We Recommend?

Eyezy is the best iPhone and Android monitoring app in the market right now – we can’t recommend it enough. Although it requires installation, Eyezy is remarkably accurate and effective.

This app has a built-in GPS Location Tracker that pinpoints your target device’s location on an easy-to-read map. You’ll get access to their geographic coordinates, street name, and precise date info to help you discover exactly where they are.

Better yet, Eyezy provides your target’s route history to help you understand where they’ve been visiting frequently over the past few days or weeks.

You can also use Eyezy’s geo-fencing feature to set “safe” and “dangerous” zones on a map. Whenever your target user enters or leaves these defined zones, you automatically receive an email alert.

Eyezy’s simple installation process allows users to download and install this app on the target Android device. If your loved one operates an iPhone, you can simply log into their iCloud account and install a jailbreak-free version of Eyezy on their device. This process will allow you to track their location via Wi-Fi connections.

You can contact Eyezy’s responsive customer support team in case you encounter any issues when installing this tracking app.

What Else Can You Try?

You might be wondering: is there a way to track a phone without access to it? Well, is a powerful mobile phone tracking service that can come in handy. is a geolocation platform that works entirely online, meaning that you don’t need to download any applications on the target device.

You can use this cell phone tracker without installing it on the target phone since it uses phone numbers to track devices. works on both Android and iOS devices. You can conveniently use it to trace your lost/stolen phone or to track your loved ones’ whereabouts.

This unique service works on any type of device or network carrier regardless of the country of origin. In addition, it provides your target’s exact location while keeping you incognito to avoid raising their suspicion.

Helpful Recommendations from Other Users

Apart from the two phone tracking solutions discussed above, there are a few more methods you can try. These techniques come highly recommended by other users online.

Learn how to track a phone without an app using these alternative solutions:

  • Google Maps

Google Maps is a unique navigation app that can be used to track a cell phone location without access to the target phone. It’s incredibly easy to use using these steps:

  • Visit Google Maps on your preferred browser
  • Log in with your target’s email credentials
  • Click the menu that’s located on the top left side and select “Timeline”
  • Find out their real-time location on a map

Unfortunately, this method won’t work if the target device’s GPS and internet connections are inactive.

  • Android Device Manager

If you ever lose your Android device, simply download and install the Find My Device app from the Play Store. This feature is also known as the Android device manager. Apart from revealing your phone’s active location, this software can be used to lock your phone remotely, ring it or erase all the data contained therein.

For this solution to work, the target device must be connected to the internet. You’ll also require to log into Find My Device using the phone’s default Google ID credentials.

  • iCloud

If you’re looking to track an iPhone without installing any app, you can simply use the in-built Find My iPhone app. Alternatively, try visiting and use your target user’s credentials to sign in and track their device. This technique will only work if you know your loved one’s correct iCloud logins.


If you truly wish to protect those closest to you from online harm, then it’s probably time you learned how to track someone without touching their phone. After testing numerous apps, we’ve found Eyezy and to be the most effective mobile phone tracking solutions in the market today.

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