Mistakes you’re making with your iPhone

Mistakes you’re making with your iPhone

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
January 21, 2021
Last modified on December 21st, 2021

iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones in the industry. It has played a big role in making Apple world’s first multi-trillion dollar company. Reliability and top-level built quality are some of the reasons why iPhones have a huge fan-base, including us.

A user holds the vital key in maintaining and retaining Apple’s flagship cellular device. There are lots of companies to enhance your experience and help you keep your prized possession intact, Create Taxi Booking App is one of them. Here are a few mistakes that one tends to make unknowingly. Most of these come from misinformation that’s spread in multitude forms over the internet.

We all have become accustomed to seeing new hardware and software upgrades every so often, that now it has become a norm for smartphone makers to release new models annually. Gone are the days when the first iPhone that launched nearly two decades ago that had a simple user interface. Apple has tried to keep its iOS as user-friendly as possible, but our hunger for the latest features has forced developers to complicate things.

Here are some common mistakes and their solutions:

Battery Mistakes

The Battery is an essential part of keeping your device running smoothly. As long as you have juice, tasks can be carried out. Our phones have become our major counterpart in running the virtual world. All of us use various productivity, creativity gaming, and social media apps.

For a seamless experience, it is important to preserve battery capacity. All iPhone uses Lithium-ion technology, and it is normal to lose some components as they age. Which results in loss of peak performances. Here is the list of do’s and don’ts

Charging Overnight

Keeping your phone on charge overnight is a controversial subject. Sure it’s convenient to keep the phone on charge at bedtime and get to use a 100% charged device from the moment you wake up. Over time this charging mistake will destroy battery-life.

Most experts believe the perfect battery levels should be between 20-80 per cent. This enhances preserving battery cells for a long period. Scheduling your charging time optimally as per your work requirements is a good idea to start.

Draining the Battery completely

As overcharging causes a problem, draining the Battery is not recommended as well. Many believe one should wait until the Battery dies before charging. Experts call this a ‘deep discharge state’ that makes the ions unable to hold a charge.

In the long run, your iPhone’s battery life will be shortened and can cause overheating while multitasking.

Always use the original charger.

Using unreliable third-party chargers can cause long term damage to the battery cells. It is recommended to use the original in-box charger. If you want to make use of the fast charging capabilities that are not provided with the charger that came with the phone, buy an Apple 18W charger rather.

You can even look at other famous brands that meet Apple’s expectations. The tech giant hasn’t launched a wireless charging pad, and if reports are to be believed, they aren’t launching one soon either. Thus, you will have to resort to other reputed brands for the same.

Photography mistakes

Over the years, iPhone cameras have gained a reputation for leading industry standards in photography. On paper, the number of cameras, sensors, and megapixels may make you think differently, but in real-life conditions, Apple’s smartphone is capable of capturing stunning images.

As they say, a photo is only as good as the photographer. Avoiding a few common mistakes can make your images Instagram-worthy. We have curated a list of things to avoid while capturing photographs.

Set the appropriate exposure

The digital eye usually has trouble identifying dark and light objects in a single frame. It is important to set the right amount of brightness. Too little or too much can make your photos look overexposed or under-exposed. It is relatively easy to select the correct exposure using the pre-installed camera app on the iPhone.

Tap on the screen to focus and slide Up to increase the brightness or down to decrease it. Set it to a level where either of the subjects isn’t too bright or dark. Selecting any of the extremes will hamper your image quality.

Rule of Thirds

This rule depends on placing your subject within two grids that converge. Use the iPhone camera setting to enable grid mode. Launch Settings > Scroll down and tap Camera > Under Composition turn the toggle switch to ON position.

Once enabled, place the person within two grids on the left/right of the screen, depending on the position. While clicking landscapes, place the horizon on any of the two horizontal grids.

Attention to details

Do not fear moving closer to highlight the details of your subject. Real beauty lies in the details, and this especially applies while capturing flora and fauna. While clicking close-ups, do not tap to focus until you are not close enough to capture appropriate colors and detailing.

This method can be applied to a tiny subject far away that can be used as a focal point behind a vast landscape. For example, a single person on a beach can highlight the expanse of the ocean. This generally works best when you have a huge blank space to highlight the small subject.

Funny iPhone mistakes

There must be at least one instance when the auto-correct feature on your iPhone has left you in a heap of embarrassment. There’s a lot of social media posts dedicated to autocorrect mistakes. It is often believed that sometimes the iPhone’s keyboard has a mind of its own. To avoid getting into such a situation, you need to follow a few steps and make use of the iPhone’s settings.

Though the auto correct feature is a handy addition while typing, if this novelty is turning out to be a nightmare for you, you can completely disable it. Open Setting > General > Scroll down and tap Keyboards > Toggle Off Auto-correction. Once this setting is enabled, only a red underline will appear for misspelt words.

With a few tweaks, your iPhone experience can be enhanced. We hope the tips mentioned above come in use for our readers. For more amazing stuff on everything, Apple, follow us on leading social media platforms.

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