Racing into the Digital Age: How Technology is Changing the Breeders’ Cup

Racing into the Digital Age: How Technology is Changing the Breeders’ Cup

Written by Alison Lurie, In Technology, Published On
October 27, 2023
Last modified on November 2nd, 2023

Many modern technologies are revolutionizing all forms of sports. These technologies have penetrated many sports events by promising convenience and improved audience satisfaction. The Breeders’ Cup, among many other significant horseracing stakes, has integrated technology into its races.

How Technology is Changing the Breeders’ Cup

How Technology is Changing the Breeders' Cup
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If you’re interested in knowing these innovative ways of presenting sports, let’s dive into these modern technologies and discover our pacing in the race toward the digital age.

Technology in Horseracing

Horseracing is one of the oldest sports events in the world. However, today, it has become one of the most progressive global sports enjoyed by fans of all ages. With hundreds of horseracing organizations and competitions worldwide, technology is considered one crucial aspect that keeps the industry relevant and appealing today.

With many fans opting to watch horseracing from their couches, seeking for the best odds to win their bets, organizers are looking for ways to offer the most immersive experiences for the online spectators. With this focus in mind, let’s find out more of these specific innovations that make the Breeders’ Cup, one of the world’s premier horseracing events, a racing spectacle one could never miss.

Object Recognition Technology

With a 360-degree camera stationed around the track, a live virtual reality (VR) broadcast was made possible in the Breeders’ Cup. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) integration, viewers can see real-time information about the breeders cup entries as they walk in the track paddock.

These include race statistics, jockey information, career highlights, and betting odds, among many others. Live odds, social media feeds, and interviews will appear in the background, while real-time information above will be displayed on the viewer’s screen.

Not everyone can clearly observe the horse’s behaviors in the paddocks. With the horse detection feature, bettors can look at their horses and see the crucial data they need to win their bets.

VR technology has been popular among significant sports events like the Breeders’ Cup. Though it’s still in the early maturation phase, the technology is expected to attract a large market, especially among bettors. It wa first launched in the 2018 Breeders’ Cup. The audience doesn’t need a VR headset to experience the medium. The feed was available through the Breeders’ Cup website, Facebook page, mobile application, and YouTube channel.

AR Filters

For fans following the races at home, the Breeders’ Cup has updated its application, allowing spectators to use augmented reality filters. These filters are available on iOS and Android devices. Fans can use the filter and don virtual race outfits like felt hats with large bows. For men, there are classic fedora with feathers.

Audiences watching from home take a large chunk of the Breeders’Cup following. Introducing AR filters is one way to allow the fans from their homes to enjoy a quintessential experience of the race, reliving the on-track excitement of the annual racing event.

Besides the AR filters, the Breeders’ Cup application also features valuable information about the races, like baking news, race schedules, and purses, as well as information on the participating horses.

This innovation was made possible in partnership with premier professional sports app vendor YinzCam, also known for developing over 200 mobile applications for teams, leagues, venues, and events worldwide.

Jockey Cam

The Breeders’ Cup is taking immersive experiences for fans to another level. With the Jockey Cam, even spectators can enjoy what it feels like to be on the track, riding horses. It allows spectators to see the race through the lens of the jockeys while wearing jockey helmet cameras. Such experience will give them a better understanding of horseracing as they see the competition from a rider’s perspective.

Safety approved by the British Horseracing Authority, the Jockey Cam is guaranteed to be safe to wear for fans wanting to experience what it is like to be at the back of the horse.

Contender’s Cam

There’s also a Contender’s Cam launched along with the Jockey Cam. This lens is of the horses, from when they arrive on the paddock to the gate. Fans can pick from the 14 thoroughbreds they can follow through the Contender’s Cam.

This could also be a valuable tool for bettors as they can now observe the behavior of other contenders as they warm up,  from the perspective of their chosen thoroughbred.

Horse Welfare and Anti-Doping Technology

After establishing the new Equine MediRecord’s Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) in 2021, the Breeders’ Cup World Championships now use horse welfare and anti-oping technology. This new technology will automatically inform trainers aiming to participate in the Breeders’ Cup about the safety and integrity regulations they must follow to participate in the race. This will also inform participants what documents they must submit through the system to qualify.

The records in the system will never be altered to maintain the integrity of the information about the horses. Other large horseracing competitions partnered with Equine MediRecord were the Irish Harness Racing Association, Thoroughbred Owners of California, Irish Veterinary and Welfare Commission, and Arabian Racing Organization. And the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association.

VR Live Stream

Because the Breeders’ Cup values all forms of audiences, onsite and at home, with multiple 360 cameras positioned on the track during races, fans watching from anywhere can wear VR goggles and experience the race like they are in the venue. They can also vier horses’ career statistics, jockey experience, and betting odds through VR Live Stream.

You can also opt to watch the 360-degree coverage without the goggles. You can just watch the live stream from your computer or mobile device. The goggles are optional for those who like to enjoy a more immersive experience.


A sports event’s progress can be manifested through technologies that organizers can employ in every season. With the satisfaction of the fans in mind, those modern innovations allow another level of experience for spectators onsite and online. The ones we have mentioned are the existing technologies that have benefitted many fans worldwide. In the coming years, we look forward to seeing more advancements and progress on the tech side, further boosting the Breeders’ Cup position as one of the world’s premier horseracing events.

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