Fabric Printer and Dye Sublimation Printing

Fabric Printer and Dye Sublimation Printing

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October 19, 2021
Last modified on October 20th, 2021
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Fabric Printer

It is an instrument that prints fabrics. The main function of this device is to print text, images, designs and patterns. The type of fabric is used depends on the printer type.

The most common ones are the inkjet and screen printers. Inkjet are commonly used for single and double sided printing. The image is loaded into the printer cartridge which is later on fed into the feeders that pull out from the machine’s body. Then the ink spreads onto the various fabrics that are loaded into the drum rollers and then into the rollers that are set to the correct height. The process continues till all the required fabrics have been loaded.

There are various techniques that are used for heat press and dye sublimation

  • The most commonly used technique for both these types of fabric printer is called heat press. In heat press the fabrics are fed through a heat presser where they are cooked by the heating element. After this the required fabric gets loaded into the drum rollers and at the same time the feeders open up and allow the required dye to be deposited on them.
  • These are the two basic types of fabric printers. However, there are other methods that are also used such as solid in line printers and thermal printers. This is because there are many benefits that are associated with both these types of printers. Let us discuss them one by one.

Heat Press

One of the advantages of using heat press is that you can create fine lines and textures with the textiles and you can create complex designs and patterns with simple colors. It is also possible to get intricate patterns, colors and shades on textiles using heat press. To create these complex designs you will require some professional help. However, if you have basic skills in computer graphic designing then it is quite easy for you to get a complex pattern made from your own designs.

In dye sublimation printing heat is used by the screen printing method. Basically this is an economical process that allows you to create bold and bright colors. The colors are first applied to the cloth material and after this the fabric is passed slowly through the heat press rollers where the heat passes through the cloth. This is then dried and the resulting printed images are placed on various items. These include folders, booklets, flyers, business cards etc.

If you want to create unique designs and textures in different items then you will definitely choose dye sublimation printing. Apart from creating elegant textiles with this process, it is also possible to create different shapes and designs. In fact, if you are looking to create unique and eye-catching interior decor items, then you can use this process. Another advantage of using this technique is that you can create designs and patterns in different dimensions as well as shapes. Even if you have limited computer skills; you can still create beautiful interior decor items like pillows, curtains, tablecloths, drapes, table runners, etc.

Apart from all these advantages; there are also some specific advantages that you can enjoy when you use dye sublimation printer. For example, you will not face any problems like burning or smearing in case you use this process. Moreover, you can also get higher quality of prints if you are using high quality ink. Most of these printers use ink which contains metallic salts as its primary ink. You will surely love the vibrant colors of these prints when you use this fabric printing machine.

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