How To Choose The Right Brother Toner Cartridge For Your Printer

How To Choose The Right Brother Toner Cartridge For Your Printer

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May 4th, 2024

Whatever kind of laser printer you choose, if you are unable to use the right type of toner with it, your prints will not be of good quality. So, when shopping for toner cartridges, getting the right serial number is crucial to getting the perfect toner. Apart from getting the serial number right, it is also essential to know the cartridge you need. This means whether you need a black one or a coloured one, i.e., cyan, magenta, or yellow.

Brother is a well-known name in laser printers. They manufacture good laser printers that deliver high-quality prints. However, using the right Brother toner cartridge with your printer will ensure the crisp print you want. So, to save you from buying the wrong cartridge, we have brought this guide. Let’s see how you can choose the compatible toner cartridge for your printer.

What To Look For When Choosing The Cartridge?


Before purchasing the cartridge for your printer, you need to decide whether you want to buy the certified toner that originally came with your Brother printer or some other cartridge. If you are buying certified toner, you have to consider the following two factors.

  • The serial number of the toner cartridge
  • Colour of the cartridge

On the contrary, when going for non-certified cartridges, you will have to ask the seller whether they go with your printer’s brand. Moreover, it is always good to go through customer reviews when buying another type of toner. We also recommend that you do not buy the non-certified cartridges in bulk. First, buy just 1 or 2 packs and run them on your printer. If they deliver good print quality, then you can continue. Otherwise, you will not be stuck with a bunch of below-par toners.

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Brother Printer Cartridge Compatibility

Brother cartridges come in two sizes: standard and high yield. If you print once in a while, a standard cartridge will be enough. However, if you print on a daily basis, you should consider investing in high-yield cartridges. Moreover, every Brother printer is compatible with a different cartridge. Below is a table summarizing the printer cartridge compatibility. Please go through it so that you never end up buying the wrong toner for your printer.

Brother Printer Compatible Brother Toner Cartridge
Brother TN420 Brother TN450 Cartridge
Brother TN530 Brother TN560 Cartridge
Brother TN540 Brother TN570 Cartridge
Brother TN550 Brother TN580 Cartridge
Brother TN620 Brother TN650 Cartridge
Brother TN630 Brother TN660 Cartridge
Brother TN720 Brother TN750 Cartridge
Brother TN730 Brother TN760 Cartridge
Brother TN820 Brother TN850 Cartridge

Stepwise Guide To Install A Brother Toner Cartridge

The “Low toner” message on your printer screen is your cue to go for replacing the toner. Among printers, the toner replacement process is almost the same, with just a few tweaks. Hence, below is a general mechanism for replacing your toner cartridge.

So, let’s get to it!

Step 1: Prep The Cartridge

Before installing the toner, you have to remove the protective packaging. If you do not do so, the toner will not install. Secondly, shake the cartridge. This will evenly distribute the toner powder and remove any powder clumps present. However, be careful and do not shake it violently. Otherwise, there is a chance of some powder falling out.

Step 2: Install Into The Drum Unit

Before installing the cartridge into the drum unit, you have first to remove the drum from the printer. It is also worth mentioning that only Brother printers come with a removable drum. Other brands like HP and Canon have their drum unit fixed inside the printer. The advantage of a removable drum unit is that if it gets damaged, you can buy the drum unit instead of buying a new printer.

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So, insert the cartridge into its slot in the drum unit with a little push. The CLICK sound ensures that it is installed. Before installing the drum unit back into the printer, you should clean the corona wire, too. This can be done easily by sliding the tab a few times.

Step 3: Reinstall The Drum Unit

Once you have fitted the toner cartridge into the drum unit, it’s time to put it back into the printer. This is the last step. Once the drum unit is secured inside the printer, you can close the top cover and continue the printing operation once your printer has primed the toner.

Final Verdict

Choosing a compatible toner cartridge for your printer is crucial to a seamless printing operation. Therefore, when buying one, make sure you go through the serial number thoroughly before making a purchase. Lastly, when buying in bulk, make sure you store your cartridges in a cool, dry place so that they can last a long time.

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