How To Use Giligilis AI

How To Use Giligilis AI

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November 21, 2023

Giligilis AI is renowned among kids’ edutainment for its interesting and instructional content. Many parents question if Giligilis AI has a free version and what it includes. This post will explain Giligilis AI’s free version, compare it to the paid membership service, and help you choose the correct one for your child’s learning and amusement.

What Is Free Giligilis AI?

Yes, Giligilis AI offers free material to introduce parents and children to the site. The free edition has fewer animations, instructional music, and kids’ songs. They are carefully selected to help kids enjoy screen time while learning essential skills.

Content in the free version

Parents exploring Giligilis AI should start with the free material. It has informative and amusing cartoons. These cartoons teach sharing, generosity, and problem-solving, which can help your child grow. The free edition contains instructional songs and nursery rhymes to make learning pleasant. While enjoying music, these songs can help kids improve their verbal and motor abilities. Tip: The free version doesn’t have full Giligilis AI material. You may need to upgrade to the premium subscription service to access all instructional content.

Free version features

Giligilis AI’s free edition offers a sample of the platform’s content but needs some capabilities.

Expect these from the free version:

  1. A little content

The free edition has limited content, which may need to be more adequate for parents who want a complete learning experience for their children.

  1. Unpersonalised learning advice

The free version lacks personalised learning assistance. This means your youngster won’t get progress- and interest-based content suggestions.

  1. No progress registration

Progress tracking is disabled in the free version. By measuring development, parents may be able to monitor their child’s learning.

  1. Giligilis AI’s premium subscription

If you want a more complete and enjoyable learning experience for your child, try Giligilis AI’s premium membership. This membership offers several benefits for your child’s study and amusement.

  1. Content in premium subscriptions

The premium membership includes all Giligilis AI content. This collection includes cartoons, instructional songs, children’s music, and more. The variety of material helps keep kids interested for longer while teaching them life skills. To help your child develop with Giligilis AI, the content is tailored to different ages and educational levels.

Features of paid subscriptions

Paid subscriptions increase your child’s learning experience with several advantages.

You can expect:

  • Access all content

Subscribers get access to all Giligilis AI content, expanding learning options.

  • Personalised learning advice

A highlight of the subscription service is personalised learning recommendations. The software offers instructive and engaging material based on your child’s progress.

  • Track progress

The premium membership program tracks development, helping parents track their child’s learning. This tool reveals your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Using Giligilis Al

Giligilis Al is easy to use for all language learners.

Start with these few steps:

How To Create An Account

Visit Giligilis Al’s website and register to start studying languages. This simple method tracks your progress via the platform’s language courses.

Step 2: Select the Language and Skill Level

After creating an account, customise your language study. Choose a language and skill level from the selections. Giligilis Al can help beginners and experienced learners.

Step 3: Learn

After creating an account and choosing a language, you may start studying. Start your adventure with “Start Learning”. The magic happens here!

Step 4: Discuss and Get Real-Time Feedback

Giligilis Al offers interactive training to enhance speech and fluency. The platform gives real-time pronunciation and fluency feedback as you talk. This input is crucial since it helps you develop.

 Step 5: Record/Review

Speech recording is a great feature of Giligilis Al. This tool lets you hear your pronunciation and identify language improvement areas. It boosts self-awareness and growth.

Step 6:  Try Exercises and Games

Giligilis Al extends beyond pronunciation. The site provides fun and engaging language learning activities and games. These exercises improve speaking and listening abilities, making learning entertaining and participatory.


Ultimately, Giligilis AI provides a free version with a small library of cartoons, music for learning, and nursery rhymes. Personalised learning recommendations and progress monitoring are the only two premium features available to subscribers that aren’t available in the free edition. A parent’s best bet in determining whether or not Giligilis AI is appropriate for their child is to test out the demo version. If you and your child are satisfied with the free version’s content and features, there’s no need to upgrade. If you want a more in-depth and personalised education, however, you may subscribe to the premium service. In addition to giving you access to everything on Giligilis AI, the premium membership service also gives you powerful tools to monitor and enhance your child’s educational progress.

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