How to Save Time and Effort with an Automated Review Process

How to Save Time and Effort with an Automated Review Process

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September 28, 2023
Last modified on October 16th, 2023

Let’s chat about how to inject a big old dose of automation into your review workflows. I know “workflow automation” sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry. But hear me out! Optimizing those internal review and approval procedures might just be the competitive edge your company needs.

Before totally revamping things and streamlining your review process with automated software, take some time to fully map your current processes. Identify the tasks that feel cumbersome and time-consuming based on your team’s feedback. Look for points where mistakes happen frequently. Get very clear on what works smoothly today versus what feels like swimming in molasses.

How to Save Effort and Time with The Help of an Automated Review Process

Automated Review Process
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Assessing the current review process

Once you’ve diagrammed the inefficiencies, it’s shopping time! Don’t limit yourself to just one category of software. Workflow management tools are great for end-to-end workflow automation. But you may also want a document management system for collating files or even simple apps that handle notifications. Dream big and explore all the automation shiny toys out there.

Here’s a hot tip as you evaluate options: Double down on customization. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter tools that won’t integrate nicely with your tech environment. Look for platforms that allow tailoring workflows and rules to your organization’s specific approval processes. Understandably, no one wants to overhaul their tech stack completely. The goal is to enhance what’s already working through strategic automation.

Automate the tasks

Once you’ve picked the all-star software lineup, it’s time for the fun part – configuring them to automate those manual tedium-inducing tasks you identified earlier. I’m talking about data entry, file transfers, email pings to reviewers, status updates – all that jazz. The possibilities are endless but aim your sights first on the operations that make your team want to pull their hair out. Automating even the most mundane stuff will free them up for higher-value work.

And don’t forget about the miracle of error reduction! Human mistakes cost organizations big time. However, letting software robots handle routine tasks like data input and sorting cuts down on those pesky human errors. Reviewers can invest their effort into actually reviewing versus fixing basic mix-ups. It’s a win-win for productivity and quality control.

Cross-functional reviews

Now let’s chat about collaboration for a moment. Cross-functional reviews involve lots of back-and-forth between departments usually. Tools that centralize approvals, comments, and files into a single easily-accessible platform can work wonders on team alignment. Everyone will finally be on the exact same page – literally!

Your leadership squad will also love the perks of real-time visibility into review status and bottlenecks. No more flying blind and waiting for status reports. With automation, managers can monitor performance on-demand to catch issues before processes back up. The data can also help identify recurring problem spots to address. Transparency for the win!

But wait, we can’t talk tech without mentioning scalability. Choose solutions flexible enough to grow and change with your business needs. Even if you’re a small fish today, you’ll want systems that can handle increased users and process complexity down the road. No one likes paying for new platforms constantly as operations evolve. Plan ahead!

Wrapping up

Phew, we covered a lot of ground! To wrap up, think long and hard before dragging and dropping your existing workflows into some random off-the-shelf automation toolkit. Do the legwork upfront to understand pain points, identify the right technologies, and customize the solutions to your organization. Done right, automation might just be the secret sauce your reviews and approvals need to reach the next level. Now, go wow some managers!

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