How to ace the Microsoft MS-102 Exam

How to ace the Microsoft MS-102 Exam

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November 13, 2023
Last modified on December 5th, 2023

What is the Microsoft MS-102 exam?

Welcome to my study guide for the Microsoft 365 Administrator exam, MS-102. All of the top free study materials, including Microsoft publications, online community blogs, and videos, that are specifically related to every ability on the test criteria are included in this guide. The objective is to help you prepare more effectively and pass the MS-102 test with ease. Microsoft’s official ms-102 page offers some useful information about the exam.

You will be giving yourself the greatest opportunity to pass the MS-102 exam if you adhere to our study guide! You may get the Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator Expert certification by passing the MS-102 Microsoft 365 Administrator test, an expert-level test in the Microsoft domain that places a strong emphasis on the security features of Microsoft 365 services. Nevertheless, the test outline includes a lot of important information that, in any case, you should be familiar with from your daily life. If you are getting ready for the next Microsoft 365 Administrator test, you can discover the tools and advice in this post.

The associate-level Microsoft 365 Admin MS-102 exam assesses the knowledge and proficiency of subject matter experts in endpoint, workload management, infrastructure, compliance, and Microsoft 365. However, in contrast to before, when passing both the MS-100 and MS-101 tests was necessary to get the Microsoft 365 Administrator Expert certification, just one exam is now needed. I just finished my test, but when it’s made available to the public in June 2023, the experience will be the same.

Who is this MS-102 Exam for?

Microsoft MS-102 Exam

On a high-level note, take the exam:

  • If you want to start a job in IT and want to learn about Networking, Infrastructure, and Azure.
  • If you are working in an organization that uses Microsoft 365
  • If you are an IT manager, you want to get more technical and learn about Azure.

What to Expect in the MS-102 EXAM?

Microsoft MS-102 exam

After accounting for thirty minutes for general surveys, the Microsoft 365 Administrator test lasts around three hours, giving you about 120 minutes to complete it. It was a bit difficult for me to complete the test in the allotted time.

About 60–65 questions will be on the test. Exam structures may vary and fall between the following ranges: A case study including multiple choice questions with drag-and-drop options. Answers to single-choice questions cannot be reviewed or skipped. You got one chance to respond to these questions. True/False Questions and Yes/No questions.

Questions with many choices Given that it is an expert-level test, there are a lot of subjects and best practices covered, making it rather difficult. Therefore, before you consider scheduling the test, I advise you to have at least 1-2 years of practical experience with Microsoft 365 Administration and Management.

Exam Practice Tips Recommendations

Microsoft MS-102 exam

Practice exams 2-3 days before the exam is a must. Examgo offers an MS-102 practice test, so check it out. No matter how much you learn or not, this part is crucial before the exam. There is a lot to cover for this exam but remember these main topics. You need to learn the different license types for different 365 services. Learn the basic groups and types of objects of Active Directory. Learn How guests can access and how this service integrates with 365. Learn about Microsoft 365 Defender and its functionality. That’s it. Good luck on the exam day, and don’t forget to sleep and rest before the exam.

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