How to Sign a PDF Online: Tips to Sign PDF Without Printing

How to Sign a PDF Online: Tips to Sign PDF Without Printing

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November 1, 2022

How to Electronically Sign PDF Docs Without Printing

Digital signatures are fast, smooth, versatile, and secure. They are a lot more time-saving in comparison with their traditional handwritten counterparts. If you still haven’t thought of mastering the art of signing a PDF online, you should start doing it ASAP. In this piece, we’ll gladly let you in on how to draw online signatures with a top-notch tool called PDFLiner and generally touch upon the perks of digital document management.

What Are E-Signatures?

This one is simple. They are signatures in a digital format created within dedicated online services. By making the most of high-quality software or top-of-the-line specific online platforms, you are granted the possibility to send important files to any recipient for signature.

The entire process comes down to a matter of mere moments, so yes, the choice to sign a PDF online instead of rummaging through endless stacks of paper and signing them all manually is your best bet. E-signatures save heaps of your precious time and hard-earned money, without compromising security or legitimacy. With a good digital signature tool at your disposal, you will enjoy saying goodbye to all that pesky paperwork and ditching your filing cabinet, too.

PDFLiner: Create Signatures Online

PDFLiner is an excellent file management platform that comes with solid e-signature functionality. With this service, you are welcome to draw signature online or type it on your documents, as well as upload its handwritten version to your PDF files. Along with the possibility of signing docs yourself, PDFLiner also allows you to send e-signature requests to your colleagues or partners. That’s what we call the ultimate convenience. And it’s super fast, too.

Here are some other beneficial features that come with the platform

  • Document management –

PDFLiner showers you with a treasure trove of file editing features via which you can refine any document to perfection and make it suit your most intricate needs.

  • Secure document sharing –

Need to share a document with your colleague or partner via link or email? With PDFLiner, you are free to choose the most convenient option.

  • Reusable templates –

The service features a huge catalog of perfectly customizable niche-specific templates. So, whether you’re looking for tax templates or fillable healthcare forms, chances are you’ll easily find what you need in their extensive library of pre-made forms. Why draft documents from scratch when you can follow a solid pre-designed format?

  • Integratable branding-

Reinforce your brand by incorporating your corporate style elements into the PDFLiner templates in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Then sign PDF without printing and submit it online. It’s as easy as pie.

  • Your all-in-one file management instrument set –

PDFLiner brings a lot more perks to the table, such as an exceptionally intuitive and clean interface, straightforward document signing procedure, 100% file legitimacy and compliance, state-of-the-art security framework, as well as a totally tempting free trial, and really affordable package prices.

How to Sign a PDF Online With PDFLiner: Create Signatures Online

PDFLiner offers you three methods of adding e-signatures to your docs:

  • Type your name – Just enter your name in the Signature Generator and the e-signature will be formed by default. When you’re done, just hit the Sign button and add your signature wherever necessary.
  • Draw your signature – This method suggests using the tools of your choice (e.g. your PC’s mouse) for drawing your signature. How accurate the result will depend on your gadget of choice and approach.
  • Upload an image of your signature – Whether you’ll opt for uploading a PNG file with your already existing e-signature or choose to capture your handwritten signature with your webcam and transfer it online, PDFLiner will help. As a matter of fact, this method will give you maximum accuracy and refinement.

draw signature online

When all is said and done, the service is your go-to instrument for signing both your incoming and outgoing files without the need to print them out or scan them when they’re signed. If your business requires signing tons of forms on a daily basis, this feature will save you hours, if not days. Last but not least, never forget to check out e-signature laws that function in your state prior to reaping the multiple perks of online signature draw services.

Final Word

Digital signatures smooth out your file management process while keeping your docs safe and secure. So, why deal with all that exhausting and time-consuming manual stuff when you can sign PDF online or send it for e-signature in a matter of minutes? The advantages of file management services are obvious. It’s finding the best-suiting and most reliable platform that may pose difficulties in your digitization way. Don’t fret, though. PDFLiner has got your back. Always.

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