How to use ChatBot Battle Arena?

How to use ChatBot Battle Arena?

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June 10, 2023

Artificially intelligent chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Bing Chat (or whatever it is) are some of the fascinating new developments in computing. They’re making it easier to find anything, from movie times to board game instructions.

But which of these many chatbots can be relied upon to provide the greatest service?

The only fair solution is to have these many chatbots face off head-to-head in the arena of chatbots. And now, you too may be a digital Caesar and participate in the judging process. The winner is up to you to determine.

To begin, what exactly is Chatbot Arena?

ChatBot Battle Arena

To add a little variety, the Large Model Systems Organisation (LMSYS Org) developed a platform for LLM benchmarking called Chatbot Arena. It was established at the University of California, Berkeley, by both students and teachers. Through a process of co-development based on freely available datasets, models, systems, and evaluation tools, they hope to broaden access to complex simulations. In addition to developing distributed technologies to speed up the LLMs’ training and inference, the LMSYS team trains huge language models and makes them widely available.

An LLM Standardisation is Necessary

Rapid development of open-source LLMs that have been trained to comply with particular guidelines has coincided with the ongoing popularity of ChatGPT. Alpaca and Vicuna are two exemplars of LLaMA-derived languages that have helpful in-app instructions.  However, it is challenging for the community to keep up with the frequent new advances and correctly assess these models when something this large and unforeseen gets out of control. The potential for open-ended problems makes it difficult to provide a reliable benchmark for LLM assistants.  Therefore, human judgment via pairwise comparison is essential. To determine whether the model performs better, a pairwise comparison can be performed.

The ChatBot Arena How-To Guide

You can fight various language models against one another in the ChatBot Arena, including some big names like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude. Language models developed by international teams and previous versions of GPT are also included.

Step 1

Visit the website for the Chatbot Arena and, if prompted, choose “ChatBot Arena (battle)” from the main menu.

Step 2

Read the battle’s regulations and the Terms of Service to know what to expect, and then enter your name and email address in the provided area. Input text and hit the enter key.

Step 3

Input a question or statement that both chatbots can answer. It can be as basic or complex as you desire; however, depending on the model, choosing items some chatbots find confusing or tough can be a smart way to make one chatbot stand out. There’s no telling which chatbot models you’ll be comparing, so it’s hard to predict which ones will fail. However, you can engage them in many prompt chats, so there’s no pressure to nail it the first time.

Step 4

This step is to keep asking follow-up questions until one chatbot stands out as clearly superior to the other. To confirm your findings, click the one that most closely reflects them. If you find one chatbot to be more amazing than another, you can choose between options A and B. You can also choose “tie” if you think the two chatbots did the same amount of work or “both are poor if you were unimpressed with either one.

Step 5

Once a winner has been chosen, the arena will automatically request that each chatbot verify its identity. Depending on your suggestions, this can produce some unexpected outcomes. Even if GPT-4 has proven successful, it is not as far ahead of other open-source options as OpenAI claims.

Step 6

Many of the most interesting artificially intelligent chatbots now available to play with are included in the Chatbot Arena Battler, but not all of them. Don’t forget to check out Bing Chat, which has some intriguing personality qualities, if you’re interested in exploring further to try out various chatbot language models. You should probably join the Poe platform that Quora uses as well. The powerful Claude+ model, which can compete with GPT-4, is free to you.

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