A Detailed Guide On Chatbots And Its Integration Into Android Applications

A Detailed Guide On Chatbots And Its Integration Into Android Applications

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October 29, 2020
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We have addicted ourselves to the continuous advent of more modified technologies. We have become prone to the idle conditions with the in-flow of such satisfactory appealing techniques. We as human beings have a natural tendency to procrastinate our tasks and impose them upon someone else.

What Is Chatbot?

What is chatbot
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We always tend to need someone to assist us. Now technology has found a way for that to happen. And how is that? It is possible now with the invention of chatbots. Now you can have a virtual assistant to talk to. You have used these in your regular lives knowingly or unknowingly. You have instead of typing, asked  Google to search for something for you. It is a type of chatbot.

A chatbot is software that can communicate with you, through audio or in text format. For example,  you google assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri.

These are the devices that can listen to you and respond accordingly as per your requirement. You might also have someday encountered a chatbot while entering a website. As soon as you open a  particular website, there is a question popping up with a chatbox. Questions like, Hey, How can I help you? With its utilization, we don’t need to put a lot of manual effort into the continuous analysis of customer queries.

Some Facts About Chatbots –

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  • Chatbots are part of Artificial Intelligence. These are continuously being modified with more precision every time.
  • Now they have evolved to sense their masters’ tone of speech and understand the exact context in which command is given.
  • Its use has abated the involvement of human employees and has efficiently been working throughout to fulfill the commands.
  • Facts state that between 2017-2020, around 30-35% of jobs have got an impact on the use of chatbots. In the following few years, almost 80% of the customer services will be based upon Chatbot’s implications.
  • A chatbot is an application of natural language processing that interacts with a human and a computer.
  • In today’s digital marketing era every business organization has chatbots so that its business shall continue to grow 24×7, even when the owner himself is not available.
  • Chatbots make our work easy with a rich function and thus it has unlocked many opportunities that a business can explore.
  • Therefore most people use chatbots in various ways like in the industry sector, chatbots are transforming business in smart ways.
  • But there is a need to integrate the chatbot with applications in an effective way for the best results.

If you are looking for such integration, hiring a Chatbot Development Company is very crucial as they have been masters in building chatbots for different sectors and they will offer the best services to grow your business magnificently.

Now let’s see what amazing things chatbots can do for your business when they are perfectly integrated with an application.

Benefits/Advantages Of Chatbots For Your Business –

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High conversation rate and Improve customer experience of your mobile application

It has been established that including a chatbot in an application adds to the commitment to the buyers, their retention, and high conversion rates. Not only this but there are other benefits also like you can improve browsing and user experience. If you are having an application and wish to run that properly, it is good that in place of creating a separate infrastructure for chatbots, add one of it to your existing application.

Sales Automate

Nowadays every business uses sales scripts that are designed in the form of pre-packaged templates that help them to address prospective customers and convince marketing goals. With a single tool on your website, you can capture, convince, and connect with visitors. From capturing to the sales process, a  chatbot can be a start-to-finish solution for any business.

Automate Customer Support

Customer support is one of the widest areas where chatbots are serving magnificently. With a chatbot  App, you can automate customer support by:

  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Opening support tickets
  • Convey the discussion to the appropriate person
  • Take support requests
  • Answer customer’s requests to their email.

Through chatbots, a business can also deliver interactive instructions with videos, images, and links.

Booking Appointments for sales and other services

This has been a new addition to the features of the chatbot and now they are even used in the applications to book appointments according to your availability. They offer sales, product presentations, and other services. The process goes in a streamlined way where you need to enter your availability in the application, then on verification, you will be assigned the reservation component and will be informed of scheduled appointments by email or phone.

So, why are you staying behind? Let’s build your next app using Chatbot technology!


Chatbots have mainly the responsibility to satisfy the customers and solve their queries. With its proper structuring, it can help customers with their needs. These technologies enable machines to process, understand, and respond to humans’ queries genuinely.


  • Analyze the customers’ requests.
  • It consists of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that identifies the intent and entities of the received message.
  • Intent and Entities move towards the Tracker and Dialogflow box that determines the next action.
  • Message Generator then composes replies as per the request received.
  • Send this response to the customers.

Integration Of Chatbots In The Android App-


The chatbots are useful only if they get properly integrated into several Applications. And to meticulously embed chatbots within Apps needs expertise in this technology.

The following frameworks help in the development of Chatbots that are highly efficient and competent.

Microsoft Bot Framework

• Amazon Lex

• Google Cloud Dialogflow

• IBM Watson Assistant

• Wit.ai


• Rasa Stack

• ChatterBot

Adding chatbots to Android Application- Steps

The steps to be followed for creating chatbots for android application are

  • At first, choose a script for a conversation with a chatbot
  • The Next Step is to design or create a DialogueflowAgent which you can name anything.
  • Creating an agent in Dialogflow or Communicate, filling the required details, and training the chatbots
  • The basics for building a chatbot are Dialogflow, Firebase Realtime Database, and Firebase UI
  • Click on the service account for Java client API and generate your JSON key from the IAM console.
  • Now is the time to create the Intents & Entities.
  • The Dialogueflow agent you chose will handle the users’ requests or queries and fetch the track for the processing of details to be provided.
  • The agent is ready to integrate it into our Android App.
  • This will initiate our chatbot in the onCreate method.
  • The Dialogflow agent will be configured using either the JSON key or the Client Access Token.
  • A new loop is created with a different ID and then the chatbot is set to communicate with the end-user.
  • Creating the UI, where the recycle view is put to see messages in simple UI
  • The messages sent by the user are handled by the presenter. The message is sent to firebase that switches the dialog flow
  • For each input, activity is set and the chatbots are ready for usage in apps. Small testing can be done with a talk.

The Google Cloud Dialogueflow is one of the most used frameworks to build an Android app with a chatbot. Customization of real-time communication, when a message is sent, and then received and sent to the backend server, will further send the text to Dialogflow, which is always ready to analyze and process the message with the most appropriate response.

Using the above methods, anyone can integrate a chatbot with any App they want. Its use has become quite widespread in every mundane activity. The coming era is going to take up the charge as the most advanced one and the process has already got started with the advent of technologies like AI and  Chatbots.

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