What Is Longarm Quilting and Its Benefits

What Is Longarm Quilting and Its Benefits

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
July 15, 2022

Quilting is no longer a time-consuming task, thanks to the advance in technology. Now quilters have more options to make their quilling efficient and accurate, all in a short time, which once was unimaginable.

The longarm quilting machine has made quilling super-fast. Even with computerized quilling, the pattern remains precise and automated.

These days, you have the option of using your household sewing machine or sending your quilt directly to longarm quilting services for accurate and timely quilting.

If you are still wondering about longarm quilting, read through to learn the important factors.

What is longarm quilting?

As its name suggests, longarm quilting uses a longarm machine to sew together the three layers that make up every finished quilt which are the quilt top, the quilt batting, and the quilt backing.

In combination with a computer, longarm quilting makes longarm quilting incredibly accurate, and quilting can be done in a much slower time than other quilting techniques. The machine is accurate fast and enables quilters to complete their projects without going through the laborious hand quilting process.

How does a longarm quilting machine work?

  • A longarm quilting machine consists of a metal frame, a worktable, numerous fabric rollers, and an industrial sewing head.
  • The frame dimension typically ranges between 10 to 14 feet, though it can vary depending on the machine. Same as the machine can come in various sizes, the size of the table may also vary.
  • King-sized quilts can frequently fit easily on large tables. Usually, the table has a flat surface to place the thin, transparent plastic and the desired patterns you want to apply.
  • The large sewing machines are mounted on wheels so that you can move them over the frame’s metal tracks. This enables a full range of movement with ease.
  • The frame of the machine contains several rolling bars to place the quilt’s layers. The two rollers on one side of the machine are called the feeder bars and are used for placing the quilt’s top and backings.
  • For Hand-guided sewing machines, there is a handle that you can use to navigate the machine anywhere along the fabric as you sew the design you want.
  • For computer-guided machines, you can choose the design that will be sewed by an automation process.   It is very little or no assistance needed to begin stitching; all it requires is to click a button.

The benefits of a longarm quilting machine

Longarm Quilting

You may not be aware of the amazing benefits a longarm quilting machine can offer you. Here are the top benefits of quilting using a longarm machine-

  • Saves time:

Whatever the situation, it’s difficult to deny that longarm quilting has a number of benefits, especially if you’re short on time. The best alternative may be to rent a longarm machine or outsource your large quilt to a professional if you lack the time or patience to quilt it on your home machine.

  • Computer-controlled options:

Quilting patterns and designs can be automated when the quilt is mounted on a frame saving a lot of effort that would require in a traditional quilting process.

  • Faster quilting:

Moving the quilting machine over the quilt is much faster than moving the quilt under the needle. The job is done with minimal attention yet optimal accuracy.

  • More controls:

Typically, the longarm quilting machine has electronic controls that let the operator adjust the fabric area to run the machine over.

  • No Basting:

The quilt is fastened to a frame rather than being spray- or pin-basted. Unlike basting, which takes two hours, this setup just takes 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Custom design:

Longarm quilting services have many custom design options. You can choose from the existing designs or can come with your preferred designs.

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