Planning to Move House? Here Are 5 Ideas to Help You Move Worry-Free

Planning to Move House? Here Are 5 Ideas to Help You Move Worry-Free

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August 31, 2022

Moving from point A to point B can sometimes be a stress-inducing experience. First, you have to deal with the anxiety of changing houses, next you have to worry about your mental checklist from the documents to your finances, and lastly, the amount of energy you have to exert for each day you pack your stuff and travel to another location.

However, moving doesn’t have to be too burdensome. You can always put in a little dash of enthusiasm and optimism when you go about your move.

5 Packing and Moving Tips

5 Packing and Moving Tips

Follow these 5 tips to lessen the strain the entire process will have on you:

  • Start with Something Small

Make a systematic list of everything you need to prepare before your moving process. You can prioritize the simple and essential ones before moving on to the more complicated ones.

You can start by packing small things like your books or utensils, anything simple enough that only requires one person. It can be an easy agenda on your checklist, to simply relieve yourself from any stress. Start with something easy and then slowly build it up so as not to overwhelm yourself with all of your responsibilities.

  • Rent a Storage Unit

Have trouble moving all your things at once? Worry no more because you can opt for more convenient means. Try booking your own self storage unit in North York to store all of your other non-essential stuff so you may pick up all of your stuff in batches.

You can start with moving the essential items first and come back for the non-essential ones later on. You can also pick a storage unit that’s closer to your destination. Doing the moving in batches will not overwhelm you and helps you do things at your own pace.

  • Consider Buying New Furniture

Packing furniture can oftentimes be the most troublesome part of moving. Furniture can take up so much space in your moving trucks and potentially cost you more than what you’ve prepared in your budget. That and the heavy weight of your furniture is an entirely different issue in and of itself.

Thus, instead of packing old, heavy furniture in your moving trucks, consider selling the old ones and buying new instead. You don’t even have to purchase the more costly ones once you’ve finally moved into your new home, you can simply settle on the cheaper options such as second-hand furniture found online or from stores selling space-efficient condo furniture from Toronto.

Buying new furniture can save you the hassle and the money. Remember, the fewer items you own, the fewer your expenses. You don’t have to rent more than 2 moving trucks for your belongings, you can simply choose the cheaper and more convenient option by purchasing furniture once you’ve completely settled into your new home. In addition, new furniture will usually be delivered to your home for free.

  • Pack Efficiently

5 Packing and Moving Tips

Even just the simple act of labeling your boxes or categorizing what item goes to which box; you can already lessen the stress by organizing all of your chaotic mess.

You don’t have to go all out. Just be as efficient with your belongings and make sure to pack your stuff from heavy to lighter weight. Place the heavier items on the lower part of the box while everything else that’s lighter is on the top to avoid squishing them from the weight. You can even pack in one box or luggage all clothes that you will wear in the 1st month of settling. This way you will not be pressured in opening up all packs or luggage right away.

  • Rest Every Once in a While

The constant worrying about boxes to pack, needed documents, or how you can budget your finances for the moving process can often blindside you from what truly matters the most – your welfare.

Sometimes, you will be too caught up in the anxiety of moving that you can blatantly ignore your own mental and physical health in the process. Don’t be afraid to take a break. Think of it as a form of recharging every time you take a short nap or rest day.

Don’t overstrain yourself with the vast amount of hectic jobs you have to accomplish in a short period. If you have pets to worry about, like a dog that needs to be taken care of while you’re busy with the moving process, take them to an Etobicoke dog daycare or pet sitter near you to ease your mind.

You can do the same with your children. Try asking for help from your relatives so they can temporarily watch over your kids while you finish anything important.

Although it can be overwhelming at first, just remember that you’re never alone in this process. Try asking for assistance from your family members or friends to lighten the load of moving. They can assist you with packing and carrying or watching over your pets and kids. Either way, never forget that there is no shame in asking for help.

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