Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Code

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Code

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
June 22, 2021
Last modified on October 20th, 2023

Coding continues to shape the world one click at a time. It’s been widely used in software development, data science projects, and even business. The extensive benefits of acquiring this skill have even led several schools to introduce basic concepts of coding to classrooms as early as grade school. But amidst the demand for coders in the 21st century, what’s stopping people from actually learning it? Whatever those reasons may be, here are Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Code.

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Code


  • Learning how to code can introduce more job opportunities

online jobs in india

As technology continues to evolve, software-related jobs will remain in demand for years to come. A market analysis from Burning Glass showed that programming jobs are rapidly growing in the market overall, with it being 12 percent faster than the market average in general. With the shortage of coders and web developers nowadays, having computer programming skills like coding can open up lots of work opportunities for you.

  • It’s a very profitable skill

profitable skill coding

As industries today face a shortage in coding and programming skills, employers are willing to pay a high salary for people who may qualify for the job. In 2015, seven million job openings catered to occupations which value coding. Additionally, half of the jobs in the top income quartile (with less than $57,000 per year) are occupations that commonly require coding skills from job applicants. Having coding skills will not just give you more chances of getting employed, but it also gives you the opportunity of securing a well-paying job in the future.

  • You can be in charge of your time while working as a coder

coding programming

Aside from full-time positions, many companies today are also hiring freelance software coders online. If you’re currently looking for an extra source of income without worrying about conflicting schedules, starting a career in computer programming may be best for you. This way, you can have the freedom to choose your working schedules, and you don’t even have to go to the office to get things done. On the other hand, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for other career opportunities, becoming a Python developer while managing your business at the same time is not impossible!

  • Coding is vital in growing a business

Coding is vital in growing a business

Coding is an essential skill not just for tech companies, but in the business sector in general. Whether it’s for product development, digital marketing, or data security, coding is utilized in almost every aspect of a business (that’s why companies form an IT Team in the first place). In addition, if you’re planning to grow a start-up, learning how to code can be a good investment. Acquiring multiple skills would save you the trouble of hiring more people in your company. Keep in mind that money is crucial in growing a start-up. Cutting the cost of hiring professionals can allow you to allocate the money to other expenses.

  • Coding literacy can foster better communication among technical teammates

Coding literacy can foster better communication among technical teammates.

If you’re the head of a company, lacking knowledge about computers and how software works can bridge a gap between you and your tech people. This can be crucial in making decisions in the future. Having basic coding literacy is essential for business owners so that communicating with software professionals within the company can be more effective.

  • It allows people to pursue passion projects

It allows people to pursue passion projects

If you’re an artist, a musician, a writer, a developer, or even someone who wants to advocate for change, learning how to code can give you the avenue to share your craft with the world. Creating a website from scratch can easily be done through coding. Writers and artists can curate their works through personal websites; independent musicians can unlock a new creative value; developers can turn an idea into a well-functioning application; and non-profit organizations who advocate for various issues can utilize coding in obtaining data, as well as in disseminating information and creating online petitions.

  • It improves logical thinking

logical thinking

Computer programming involves lots of problem-solving. The more complex the problem is, the more an individual’s logical thinking improves. Additionally, being proficient in writing lines of code takes lots of practice and sometimes, memorization. Just like how a child’s logical thinking is improved when starting to learn how to write, familiarizing ourselves with coding can improve our brain’s logical aspect.

  • Coding increases creativity

coding increases creativity

Most people think that coding is dull, but that’s a huge misconception. Coding is a very creative process. When programmers encounter difficult problems along the way, coding encourages them to be creative and more flexible in solving them. Creativity is also evident when you look at coding classes for kids. Coding can encourage these kids to make their imaginations come to life. Kids as early as seven can create their own applications and video games through these classes.

  • It builds confidence

coding builds confidence

Acquiring a life-long skill like coding can boost one’s confidence. The sense of accomplishment an individual feels upon building an entire website from scratch, or making an application work, can all help in building confidence in one’s capability. Having these experiences can also help in gaining self-trust especially when dealing with situations that require problem-solving.

  • Coding helps develop resilience


Resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally recover from a difficult situation in a short period. It exists when someone makes use of their behaviors and mental processes to prevent themselves from being affected by the negative effects of stressors. As previously mentioned, coding involves a lot of trial and error before promising results are achieved. Therefore, constantly exposing yourself to this kind of activity can make you adapt to difficult challenges more easily, may it be at work, or life in general.

  • It makes office work more efficient

It makes office work more efficient

Ever since automation got incorporated in almost every aspect of our lives, working has never been easier. Typewriters were converted to doc programs, ledgers are now reduced to Excel files, data back-up and security can now be done after several clicks. Imagine how many more exciting features a person can learn when given extensive knowledge in technology? The possibility is limitless.

  • Coding is easy to learn

coding is easy to learn

The plethora of learning materials, seminars, and online academies that offer coding lessons made learning how to code more accessible to anyone. Contrary to the belief that coding is just for computer geeks and math geniuses, learning how to code is no different from learning how to cook, or learning a foreign language. Having a computer science degree is also not required for an individual to learn to code. It only takes passion and perseverance for someone to become successful at learning how to code.

  • Coding is a social activity

coding is social

Another myth associated with coding is that it’s only for introverted tech savvies who love locking themselves up in their computer labs for long hours. But that’s not true! In fact, the coding community continues to grow as more like-minded people meet through coding bootcamps and hackathons. Just like any other interest group, coders and web developers also hold social gatherings and virtual events—allowing you to expand your social circle.

  • Collaborative skills are improved through coding

collaborative skills

Coding is more than just writing long lines of code. It needs collaborative effort between a coder and a developer to make an idea come to life. If teamwork is not present among the two of you, your project will most likely become a failure. As coding improves your collaborative skills, it’ll be easier for you to work with other people in the future.

  • Coding helps society

The introduction of AI and machine learning has helped in a lot of ways not just in businesses, but in our society as a whole. With the help of AI, the medical field has become more advanced; making it possible for scientists to come up with medical solutions much faster. AI also made the world less difficult to live in for persons with disabilities, through the invention of virtual assistants and automated systems. Now, how is AI related to coding? It’s simple. Coders use programming languages to feed information to these computers and machines. This enables ordinary machines and robots to have the ability to “think like humans”—hence, the term “artificial intelligence”. Once you’re able to learn how coding works, there’s no telling how big of a change your ideas can help society.

The world needs more coders

Aside from the benefit of acquiring a life-long skill, coding also helps solve a variety of problems in society. And as the world demands more coders today, are you willing to take the challenge? Considering learning coding? Explore coding App Academy school reviews to make an informed choice on your coding journey.

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