Advanced Guide to Use Python for Building Your Own Website

Advanced Guide to Use Python for Building Your Own Website

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
November 11, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

Website development is a crucial part of any business to connect with their digital audience effectively. From designing a website to web content, everything plays a vital role in making a successful site. The cheap website hosting providers enables you to launch your website within a minimal cost. However, to save the developer’s fee, you can easily build a website on your own by using python language.

This may be a new idea for you, and you may have heard about developing a website through python by coding the program. But the coding always seems to be difficult, especially when you are a beginner. However, you don’t need to fret, as here, this advanced guide brings you an easy way of building your own website by using python. How? Let’s explore.

What is the Python Language?

Python is a multipurpose language suitable for the majority of the programming fields. It is the experts’ choice as the ideal language for machine learning and creating a neutral network. It is also a common choice for conducting tendencies, predict future patterns, and average prices in the market. Instagram, one of the most popular social sites, uses python for constructing its platform. This makes sense to use python for building your own website.

Why Use Python for Building Your Own Website

Using a python language in constructing your website means that you produce codes that are server friendly. The codes run in the server rather than the browser, enabling you to effectively store information and manage the backend of your website. This means that when you use python for web development, it will control the site users’ authentication, assuring security. This is one of the biggest reasons for using python for building your own website.

A few top reasons for considering python over other programming languages for building your own website are as follows.

  • Easy Syntax: The easy syntax makes python stand out of the other programming languages like C++, JavaScript, etc. It is a fair-game with a straightforward approach for the people who aren’t aware of programming.
  • Variety of Framework: This is one of the most notorious features of python that enables people to expedite the development process. You can use any framework that suits you and fit into your website needs.
  • Programming Approach: Python offers flexibility, enabling you to write according to the functional, object-oriented, procedural, or imperative way as per your choice.

Website building Process

Using python for building your own website isn’t a complicated step but requires concentration for first-time users. To avoid all strains, you can employ user-friendly tools/frameworks such as Django, Grok, WebPy, WebApp2, etc. Once you install the framework, then you need to follow the steps discussed below.

1. Create an Empty File:

The first step in building a website using python is to create an empty file once you downloaded the framework. You need to use the essential codes as per the framework and save it with  .pyextension before running it.

2. Test The Code:

The second step is to test the codes by running it on the localhost. This will help you view your website’s first look and enable you to identify the flaws in your site structure. Once you run the code successfully, you are ready to develop your website theme in the backend.

3. Choose Template & Launch Site:

There are so many website templates you can choose for your site. Once your site is ready, test it, and then connect with the web host to launch your site on the internet. This is one of the most flexible and easy ways to use python for building your own site.

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