How To Secure WordPress Website From Hackers [Complete Guide]

How To Secure WordPress Website From Hackers [Complete Guide]

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July 22, 2021
Last modified on July 29th, 2021

Security of the website is very important nowadays. Many people are building their websites on WordPress. People think that small websites will not be hacked. But the truth is that small website is more easily hacked than large websites. Hackers pay more attention to small websites rather than fast websites. 90,000 hack attempts are made every day on the Word Press website minute. You should be worried about your website security. Even your website is big or small hacking will be made on your website by hackers. There are so many things you can do to take security measures. You can protect your website from hackers. In this article, you can learn about how to save your website from hackers.

Coming to Word Press it is the most popular website which is used to make websites. Currently, there are around 76 million users and every day hundreds of websites are made. The popularity comes with more users growing every day. If more people use it then it will be in demand. This leads to hacking. Nowadays windows are targeted than apple. In the same way, chrome is a bigger target than Firefox. Because more people use chrome than firefox and in the same way windows are more used than apple. So it leads to hacking. Popularity draws both good and bad. Because of not taking precautions, hackers target your website. Small websites are more targeted because they do not take precautions. They think that small websites are not hacked. This is the mistake where website owners are doing. And lots and lots of websites are being hacked because of these mistakes.

After hacking your account, hackers use your websites for doing various activities. They use your websites for sending Spam emails, Injecting Spam Links, Selling Illegal Products, Creating affiliate links with other spammers. By doing all these websites will be blocked. Every week 5000 websites are under blacklists for publishing various spam activities and 20,000 websites are blocked for containing malware. Apart from that your hosting providers also suspend your account because of doing all these things. Because of these hackers, your website will be down and it affects your revenue. Precaution is better than cure. So taking security precautions is much better than fixing your WordPress hacked website.

 Here you can learn about how to secure your account from hackers. 

How to secure your Word press Website?

how to secure wordpress sites

Install a Word Press Security Plugin

Installing a Word Press Plug-in is most important for securing your website. There are a lot of plug-ins to install on Word Press. But there is only some effective plug-ins to be used. A hacker can bypass some security plug-ins which is not effective. So use effective ones which are very strong and a hacker could not bypass them. If you made a website on another site for free then there are more chances to be hacked. Because there will be no security support for free websites. The websites under Word Press are being hacked because of low security plug-ins. So, free websites are more easily hacked than Word Press websites. A well seasoned hacker can hack all free websites even they can also hack Word Press Websites which have low effective plug-ins.

Take Regular Backups:

take regular backups

Backups are more important in your website Security. If anything goes wrong with your website you can back up it to normal and you restore it. There are many backup plug-ins in Word Press websites. Choose the plug-in which is suitable for you. Moreover, you can review and check out which backup plug-in is the best. But reviewing every single backup plugin and checking it will be more time consuming. We made a comparison between the major Word Press backup plug-ins in the market. To select the right backup plug-in you need to choose a backup plug-in that is very effective. Effective plug-ins will be in use.

Use Good Hosting Company:

Using a good hosting company will also play a major role in securing your Word Press Website. The two popular hostings are shared hosting and managed to host. Shared hosting is less expensive when compared to manage to host. Because of the low price, it is more used across the globe. It has millions of people creating their websites.

But the only disadvantage in shared hosting is that your server will be shared with other unknown servers. If anything problem comes in one server other servers also affect at the same time. Although it is more famous it can cause hacking. So managed to host is best although its price is high it can prevent hackers more. Since there are many hosting plans we made a comparison of top Word Press hosting. It can help to prevent, hackers.

Keep Word Press Website Up-to-Date:

keep your wordpress website uptodate

Keeping your website up-to-date is most important Like Software develops vulnerabilities Word Press also develops vulnerabilities. Developers update their vulnerabilities and website owners should update them. After releasing vulnerabilities developers announce the reason for using vulnerabilities. Hackers now start finding websites that are updated and attack them. This time gap gives them a good chance to hack websites. 80% of the websites are hacked because of not updating. So update your Word Press Website up to date.

These are some of the tips on how to protect your Word Press Website. So check all and keep your website safe.

Use SSL Certificate

You must look at the URL of the website. Check out the lock? Lock means that the website is using the SSL certificate. SSL refers to a secure socket layer that will encrypt the data when transferring it from the website and browser. There are several SSL certificate providers available in the market, like CheapSSLShop who has a huge range of SSL brands. They provide cheap SSL certificates to their customers for securing their sites compare to others.

This is because while transferring the data from the browser of a visitor to the website might be stolen. So, even if the data is stolen but is still encrypted then the hackers can’t use the data.

Safeguard WordPress Login Page


The login page is referred to as the attacked part of the website. Hackers always try to guess out the log-in credentials so that they can have access to the WordPress admin area through which they can have proper control over the website.

So, it is important to safeguard the log-in page. There are different techniques available through which you can protect your login page from getting hacked.

Keep website harden

There are some parts of the websites that can be used by hackers and take advantage out of it. For example, they can use the security key to get access over the website or they can even install some malicious themes to the website. So, to protect the website from hackers you must take the required steps to keep the website safe.

Go For Country Blocking

With the World Wide Web, hackers get the access for the website all over the globe. They can be situated in India but can use the website from Russia. According to statistics, the top 5 countries where hackers attempt to hack the website in Russia, United States, China, Brazil, and Turkey.

If you don’t know who to add the plug-ins so it is better to hire WordPress developer as they protect the website from getting hacked.


In this article, you will get to know about different techniques through which you can protect your website from getting hacked. But if you don’t have any idea how to protect the website then it is better to take guidance from a WordPress agency as they will work on behalf of you.

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