10 Features You Must Have In An App Like Instagram

10 Features You Must Have In An App Like Instagram

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In software, Published On
January 29, 2021
Last modified on December 21st, 2021

Individuals are looking for applications that can help them in communicating with the world. Several applications are fulfilling this purpose if you want to create one for your audience. You have to add something that can differentiate you from all the existing social media applications. As Instagram did while designing the application, they make the app special by communicating through photos and videos. The world is moving rapidly with effective marketing tools and strategies. Now the applications must have the power to attract the audience as well as have entertaining elements to connect the audience. 

If you want to know how to create an app like Instagram, you must first know which features you are going to incorporate in the app to attract the audience. Whether you are a technical person or a non-technical person, you must know some basics for the applications like

  • Languages
  • Frameworks & Libraries
  • Interfaces
  • Operating Systems

10 Features You Must Have In An App Like Instagram

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To make a similar app like Instagram, you should have the following features. 


The application starts with logging in or registering the account. To start an application, you will have to create an account, which will ask for your email account, name, password, phone number, and if you have social media account, it will allow you to connect through the social account. You must add options like resetting the email, phone numbers, or using social media account. It will help you to save the user’s data in the database; it will benefit users to manage their information and login through the particular source. 

Profile Editing

Profile editing is providing you an option to add correct information for the audience and visitors to see your profile and request you to follow them. Once you have made your account, you can now edit your profile. It will assist you in uploading your biography, your display picture, as well as basic information like your name, gender, birth date, and website. All these are the elements of coding an application like Instagram. Make sure you have planned the coding before implying it. 

Uploading Photos & Videos

One of the primary reasons to design an application like this is to upload pictures and videos for the audience. It is a new way of communication for the audience to communicate via photos and videos. An entertaining way to engage the audience except for the posts and long contents. You should also include the details such as preview, editing display, upload, a gallery for other picture options, commenting, sharing, like, and tagging on the photo. Mobile app developers make sure to utilize some useful tools for the implementation of photos and videos on android and iOS. 

Photo Editing Tools

You may know that Instagram is known for filters just like Snapchat. However, here you should add unique filters for the audience as they love to swipe filters and play with a new changing look. Therefore, you must add this feature in your application, to have audience attraction. With filters, you must include rotation, zooming, saturation, and all those filtration and editing tools for the picture. Mobile developers can advise you better to use existing filters with alteration or create your new filter for the app. Sometimes people like to have their customized filter, which is codified from scratch. 

Link Instagram posts with other Social networks


An app that connects you with your friends and audience not limiting connection to one social media platform is the best application. By establishing a connection from your app account ID with the social media account ID, it will help you connect with social media networks. As per the research, individuals post 1 billion posts per day; through application posts, you will be gaining revenues from other social media sites as well. 

Geolocation- tagging

To outspread the functionality of your new application, you require having a Geolocation tagging feature in the app. it will enhance the entertainment for the people to where you have taken such photos or videos. It will assist you in tagging the location not only on the application but also on the Google Map, or other Maps you use. 


You cannot design an application without a search feature in it. The search feature will assist you in looking for several items, people, places, as well as hashtags. It will encourage users to observe the information using a search engine. 

Messages and Commenting

To communicate with people only photos and videos are not enough, therefore, people can communicate with friends and family through messages. When you are making an app, you should add a messaging feature for the users to communicate easily with each other. With this, you must allow the users to comment and share the photos or pages they liked. When you are incorporating messages, you must add push notifications for the message alerts as well as comments. 

Customization for setting

You can add customization settings in the app for allowing users to personalize their newsfeed view, the background of the app as well as the interface of the language. Customization will allow the enable/disable of the push notifications, account privacy, as well as story feeds.


It is one of the advanced features of the social media application, which allows users to capture pics and post them in the story for 24 hours. They are said to be the moments of the day. If you want to have this feature on your application, you will have to provide the option to the users whether to save it or not, if they do not save the story, it will disappear within 24 hours. You can have a variety of options for the story, like photos, videos, text, slideshows, music videos, or nametags. This is one of the prominent entertaining elements for the users to have. Here also you can provide filters and push notifications to the users. 


Every application needs modification and improvisation with time. While making an application, you must follow trends and new developments in the application. It will enhance your audience’s reliability as well as keep them engaged. 

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