What Does a Google Ads Specialist Do?

What Does a Google Ads Specialist Do?

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November 7, 2022
Last modified on February 10th, 2023

Digital marketing has become an integral part of every business, regardless of its size, type, or location. It is Digital Marketing that allows you to sell your products to the customer living in Australia while you are sitting under your blanket in India. Many people, including stay-at-home moms and residents of remote areas, are now able to make a living using their smartphones, all thanks to digital marketing. If you are looking for google ads services you can look for marketerUX.

So, it is beneficial to learn to make digital marketing strategies. Do you want stats to decide on learning digital marketing? 

Let’s have a look!!

  • Over 88% of businesses across the world invest massively in Digital Marketing.
  • The median annual salary of a Digital Marketer is around USD 57220
  • You can choose to work in the industry of your choice, as digital marketing is employed by every organization across every sector
  • By learning how GoogleAds works, you can easily generate leads and improve sales more quickly than organic search
  • Moreover, you can work as a freelancer to help companies achieve their target without the requirement of hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

One of the major aspects of Digital Marketing is PPC or Pay-Per-Click. Pay-per-click is a model of digital marketing where you pay a specified amount of fee every time one of your ads is clicked. You will essentially be paying for targeted visits to your webpage or application. When PPC works the way you wish, the fee is next to nil as compared to what you get from those potential visits to your website.

One such PPC model, or rather, the single most popular PPC advertisement model across the globe, is GoogleAds. This article will let you know the benefits of learning how to use GoogleAds and how a free google ads course can enable you to use it to make a difference in your business.

What is Google Ads?

It is the PPC advertising system that is most popular among digital marketers across the world. Businesses can build ads that show up on Google’s search engine and other Google properties using the Google Ads platform.

Google selects a set of winning ads to show on the search engine results page whenever a search is performed by sifting through the available pool of ads. The “winners” are selected based on several variables, such as the strength and appropriateness of their keyword bids, the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, and the quality and relevance of their keywords.

Since Google dominates the world of search engines with a 90% share of the market, you can reach 90% of the internet users worldwide.

What is a Google Ads Specialist?

A Google Ads Specialist is a digital marketing professional who is involved in planning, setting up, and managing campaigns with Google Ads. They might specialize in assisting individuals with marketing their businesses, or they might be an all-arounder who assists with marketing efforts as well as other associated requirements, such as websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and other things.

What Does a Google Ads Specialist Do?

Basically, a Google Ads Specialist is involved in managing and enhancing campaigns with Google AdWords. You will be busy developing, upgrading, and monitoring ad copy, bids, keywords, and many other aspects made by the online marketing strategy of a company.

You are required to possess a sound knowledge of best practices in digital marketing. You should know the ways of designing attractive ads so that they are eye-catching and attract customers, along with driving conversions. You are supposed to know the ways of managing budgets effectively such that there is an improvement in ROIs on every penny invested.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Google Ad Specialist

Though the responsibilities of a Google Ads Specialist vary from project to project or from company to company, some common responsibilities are stereotyped for every Google Ads Specialist.

Some of them are mentioned below –

  • To research new opportunities for advertisement and come up with recommendations on the ones which best meet the business objectives.
  • To create and manage conversion tracking and landing page tools like Google Analytics, with which you can measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign.
  • To analyze the performance data in order to find patterns and trends so that you can work to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Interact with other departments to make sure that your ad campaigns meet the objectives set by them, such as leads generated or sales targets.
  • Keep an eye on the activities of competitors so that you can identify new strategies to impact business objectives.
  • Communicate with other team members such that you can improve website traffic and sales by developing new strategies with them.
  • Examining customer information to find potential clients who might be captivated by the business’s goods or services.
  • Providing recommendations for future campaigns and compiling reports with campaign results.
  • Implement advertising campaigns across different channels of digital marketing, including search engines, emails, messages, mobile devices, social media platforms, and more

Google Ads Specialist: Salary Aspects

The salary of a Google Ads Specialist varies with your educational qualifications, certifications, experience level, and type, size, and location of your company. Generally, you get perks if your marketing strategy goes well and meets business objectives seamlessly.

The median annual salary of a Google Ads Specialist may be around USD 62,500 and may go as high as USD 495,000.

The demand for Google Ads Specialist is increasing exponentially as businesses seek innovative ways of advertising their products and services.


Now that you have got an idea of what a Google Ads Specialist does, you can choose to be the one noticing how interesting it is to be a Google Ads Specialist.

To become one, you can take up an online training course from a reputed online training institute such as Simplilearn. This will enable you to acquire the skills and knowledge required to make strategies for your ad campaigns and the ways you can execute them to get the maximum possible benefits.

Enroll Yourself Now!!

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