The Benefits of Incorporating Branding Into Your Web Development Strategy

The Benefits of Incorporating Branding Into Your Web Development Strategy

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
March 28, 2023

Your business logo and brand colors are an important part of your brand’s identity and, thus the staple of your website’s design. However, corporate branding is more than just visuals and colors. It includes tone of voice, vocabulary, imagery, values, etc., and needs to be intertwined in every segment of your website development.

The identity of your business should be blatantly obvious to your customers wherever they are on your website—homepage, about us page, product page, or blog. Ensuring your website’s design and copy reflect your business personality yields enormous advantages to the quality of your online presence.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of incorporating your company’s branding into your website development strategy. But before we dive in, note that you can expect to yield these benefits only with a well-developed company identity like Digital Silk website —so if you think you lack one, reach out to a professional branding agency to help you build a successful branding strategy.

Top 6 Benefits of Incorporating Branding Web Development Strategy

The Benefits of Incorporating Branding Into Your Web Development Strategy

Increases Brand Awareness & Recognizability

The most obvious reason behind branding a business website is to boost your audience’s awareness of your business. You want your audience to have that aha moment when they land on your website—to instantly recognize your branding from an Instagram post, a YouTube ad, or your storefront.

Lacking strong and cohesive branding makes a website less memorable. This can directly affect your site’s sales performance if a person isn’t yet ready to convert and leaves your website, ultimately forgetting it.

Conversely, when a company’s branding is well-integrated into the website, the brand will stick with even the most indecisive customers. And once they are ready to purchase, they will know how to come back to you.

Elevates Brand Trustworthiness

A step further from people being able to recognize your brand is to get them to trust it. Audience trust is one of the greatest things you can achieve as a business—and a vital element to gaining it is great branding.

By incorporating your branding into your website, you give your customers something to remember. Thus, after a few visits to your site, your leads will feel more comfortable purchasing from you and giving you their money.

Clear, professional branding that resonates with the audience will help position your company as an established, credible business. Trust leads to transactions, and a branded website gives that subtle touch that creates familiarity and keeps ‘feeding’ your business sales funnel.

Improves Marketing Activities

Once your customer base is well acquainted with your brand and trusts it, advertising efforts are bound to go much smoother. After all, advertising and branding go hand in hand.

Incorporating branding into your website development allows for more creative marketing strategies. For instance, once your brand is well-known among your audience, you are not bound to run ads that showcase your brand name, logo, and products/services.

Instead, your marketing can become much more quirky and clever as you leave the brand awareness efforts out of the equation.

Internet users aren’t huge fans of ads that pop up while they are reading an article or interrupt their favorite song. However, when they see a familiar face, they’ll be much more likely to actually click the ad and convert—or at least not report the ad.

Sets You Apart From the Competition

Chances are there are other great companies on the market offering identical products/services that you provide. Therefore, you should look at your website as a platform to differentiate your brand from the competition by clearly showcasing your company’s USP (unique selling point.)

Your branding has to outline the feature that sets you apart from others. So is it a valuable customer loyalty program, low prices, frequent sales, your brand’s commitment to sustainability, or something else?

Building a strong community around your brand is a great way to establish yourself as a company worthy of your customer’s attention and trust. Take, for example, Apple. Even though Apple products have high prices, the company has successfully built a strong sense of community among its users.

Innovative and quality products make iPhone users feel confident in their choice and turn them into loyal customers. Even those who don’t own an Apple product often want to get one after witnessing powerful social proof of the brand’s quality.

Supports New Launches

Expanding your product/service offering and growing your business becomes much easier with an on-brand website.

The recognizability and trust you have built among your target audience ensure the word about your new launches spreads quickly. Whether you are launching a new product, adding another service, or opening a new physical location, customers will be easily warmed to the idea of trying out your new offering.

Pairing up your launch’s marketing efforts with the website’s branding help create a sense of familiarity for customers yet unsure whether your new offering is the right choice for their needs.

Establishes You as a Top Employer

Besides attracting qualified leads to convert and drive revenue, integrating the brand into your website helps attract top industry talent to work at your company. Skilled and experienced professionals usually have multiple options when looking for a new position, so it’s your task to create a website that efficiently speaks to them.

As an established, well-known brand, you can rest assured that your job postings will navigate many experienced experts to your website and—if they see something they like on your website—and make them want to continue with the application.

To attract top talent as employees, use your website wisely by:

  • Stating your brand’s values and mission
  • Detailing your company culture
  • Showcasing connections with other companies and the community
  •  Listing other features that make your brand stand out from the crowd.


If you’re not incorporating branding into your web development strategy, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition. Branding can help you establish trust with your customers, build name recognition, and make your site more memorable.

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