Top 10 benefits of implementing personalization in account based marketing

Top 10 benefits of implementing personalization in account based marketing

Written by Sanket Goyal, In Marketing, Published On
October 24, 2023

The evolution of account-based marketing (ABM) has breathed new life into personalized marketing strategies, and the results are nothing short of astounding. This article delves into the top 10 benefits of implementing personalization in ABM, each exemplified by real-world account-based marketing examples.

10 Best Benefits of Implementing Personalization in Account-Based Marketing

Implementing Personalization

Enhanced Engagement

The art of engagement lies at the heart of successful marketing. Through personalized content, you open the door to more meaningful interactions with your target accounts. Cisco’s ‘Project Ghost Rider’ is a shining account-based marketing example. By acknowledging and addressing their customers’ specific challenges, Cisco managed to boost engagement rates by an impressive 30%. This exemplifies the immediate and powerful impact that personalization can have in capturing the audience’s attention and holding it.

Higher Conversion Rates

When it comes to the world of marketing, conversion is the ultimate goal. Personalization is the catalyst for achieving higher conversion rates, a fact well-demonstrated by Demandbase in an ABM context. Through the deployment of personalized web content, Demandbase accomplished an astounding six-fold increase in conversion rates. This vivid account-based marketing example shows that understanding the unique needs and preferences of your target accounts can be a game-changer in the conversion game.

Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience is a determining factor in the success of any business. In the realm of account-based marketing, personalization inherently leads to an enhanced customer experience. Take Adobe’s ‘Hack the Bracket’ campaign, for instance. By tailoring their approach to their customers’ specific preferences, Adobe didn’t just elevate engagement; they also significantly improved customer satisfaction. This account-based marketing example stands as a testament to how personalization not only boosts numbers but fosters happier customers in the process.

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Enhanced Lead Generation

Attracting and generating leads is the lifeblood of any marketing strategy. Personalization is the secret sauce for turbocharging lead generation. Terminus, an ABM platform, executed highly personalized campaigns resulting in a jaw-dropping 500% increase in lead generation. By crafting messaging tailored to individual preferences, they captured the interest of potential customers at a level that would have been unattainable through a generic approach alone.

Increased Revenue

The grand objective of every account based marketing strategy is revenue growth, and personalization is the golden ticket to achieving this growth. Consider the account-based marketing example of Blackbaud, a software and services provider for non-profits. Their highly targeted campaigns led to an impressive 35% increase in revenue. This showcases how personalization equates to a substantial financial uptick. It proves that personalizing your approach pays dividends in the form of increased revenue, making it a cornerstone of successful ABM strategies.

Reduced Wastage

Efficiency is the name of the game in marketing, and personalization plays a pivotal role in reducing resource wastage. The example of RollWorks, a B2B marketing platform, vividly demonstrates this. By adopting a personalized approach, RollWorks managed to cut down their cost per acquisition by an impressive 30%. This showcases how personalization streamlines marketing efforts, ensuring that resources are directed with precision, and every dollar invested yields substantial returns.

Precise Content Delivery

In the realm of ABM, each account is unique, and personalization guarantees that the right content is delivered at the right moment in the customer’s journey. An exemplary case is that of Marketo. Their personalized email campaigns resulted in a noteworthy 26% increase in open rates and a remarkable 93% surge in click-through rates. This account-based marketing example underscores the power of delivering content with surgical precision, aligning it with the prospect’s specific needs at just the right time.

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Better Data Utilization

Data is the bedrock of personalization in ABM. Bigtincan serves as an illuminating example of how data can be leveraged effectively. By harnessing valuable insights, Bigtincan achieved an impressive 24% increase in lead conversion. This account-based marketing example underlines the profound impact of data-driven personalization. It’s a testament to how mining and applying data intelligently can significantly enhance conversion rates, a key metric in the ABM world.

Alignment of Sales and Marketing

In the world of ABM, the alignment of sales and marketing teams is paramount to success. The example of Oracle is a testament to this. When these two vital departments collaborated to provide highly personalized offerings to customers, Oracle witnessed an impressive 21% growth in annual revenue. This striking account-based marketing example underscores that a harmonious relationship between sales and marketing can be a game-changer, driving growth and success.


Scalability is a critical factor in personalization, and it can be achieved when executed strategically. Salesforce, a global CRM leader, provides a prime account-based marketing example in this regard. Through the adoption of AI-driven marketing tools, Salesforce succeeded in implementing personalization on a large scale. This allowed personalization to extend its reach and impact across a broad customer base. By doing so, they demonstrated that personalized approaches can be efficiently scaled to cater to multiple accounts, making it a true force multiplier in the ABM landscape.


These top 10 benefits of implementing personalization in account-based marketing exemplify the remarkable transformation and success this strategy can bring. By focusing on engagement, conversion rates, customer experience, lead generation, and revenue growth, ABM with personalization at its core is the driving force behind the future of marketing. The real-world account-based marketing examples, like those from Cisco, Demandbase, Adobe, Terminus, and Blackbaud, showcase the impressive potential of personalization in elevating your marketing efforts.

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Remember, personalization is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it’s the customized key to building stronger relationships, understanding the needs of each target account, and delivering the right content at the right time. It’s a strategy rooted in data, aligned sales and marketing teams, and powerful marketing technologies, all of which lead to scalability and improved customer experiences. So, as you embark on your journey with account-based marketing, harness the power of personalization to unlock its full potential and elevate your marketing game to new heights.

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