Promote your business with Dynamic QR code

Promote your business with Dynamic QR code

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March 19, 2023
Last modified on March 29th, 2023

How are businesses dealing with the increasing demand for dynamic QR codes? It might seem that getting the best free dynamic QR code generator will resolve all the challenges, but is it that simple?

There are multiple things that you need to check to ensure that you have made the right attempt to promote your business. Did you know that the reach of QR codes has increased by 96%?

When you are dealing with business promotions, it is important to understand the target audience and your brand’s reputation.

Let’s look at some insights, strategies, uses, and benefits of dynamic QR code!

What is a dynamic QR code?

They are a highly advanced and flexible type of Quick Response code. The best part is that they are editable, and the owner can track the scans to understand the user’s interactions. They have now evolved into a new generation marketing tool for engaging with the target audience.

With the best dynamic QR code generator, users have access to a dashboard to monitor the overall performance. This analysis will have the count of scans, location, time, and devices used.

How to customize the look of a QR code?

Colors and Background

We understand that during business promotions, you want to be more creative with the design and colours of the QR code. It is important to remember that the code will be scanned best when there is contrast in the colour boxes. The lighter colours will make it difficult for the users to scan the code.


As you might be introducing print media that will be in the receiver’s hand from where they will scan the code, this means you need to find the accurate scanning distance. It is better to maintain a balance between medium and high-density coding. It is preferable to know the approximate distance travelled when scanning the code.

Position of Logo

When using a QR code to brand your business, it is often necessary to include your company’s logo and must be created by a professional logo maker. It is better to ensure a higher-density setting and ensure that the logo does not interfere with the code pixels. Always test the final layout to avoid discrepancies.

Size and Position

There is always a fixed standard for the dynamic QR code on different media. It is better to follow the standard practices for the target platform. The smallest size for QR codes is 2 cm x 2 cm, but there is no upper limit on the size. The only thing to ensure is that it is positioned where it has enough room to capture the entire code.


There are higher chances that you will use the dynamic QR code on multiple channels. You can use this code in multiple places, all you have to do is choose the density. Like if you are planning to target billboards, then it is important to use a low-density code that can be scanned from a distance, while on magazines the density can be higher.

What are the benefits of using a dynamic QR code?

  • Edit the target pages

The best part of dealing with the dynamic QR code is that you can edit the landing page according to your marketing strategy. Also, business owners can monitor user information and QR codes that are gaining attention and disable them as they want.

The significance of this technology is to boost the sales and elevate the demand of the products or services that your business offers. They are a great solution if you want to redirect customers to different links throughout the promotions.

  • Monitor the performance

A successful marketing campaign requires detailed analysis to measure its efficiency and engagement with the target audience. With QR codes for business cards or promotions, it is easier to know the location, time, date, and overall CTR (click-through rate) of the campaign. Also, with the right tool, the business owners can check the progress of multiple platforms in the campaign.

  • Freedom of usage

You can place it virtually or physically anywhere relevant to promote the business.

Some of the places you can be creative are:

  • In store display signage
  • Integrate them into trade show displays
  • YouTube channels background
  • Add in LinkedIn profile
  • Printed marketing materials
  • Business cards
  • Amplify customer engagement

The most crucial factor for the business is to retain customers and engage with new ones. With a dynamic QR code, they have the freedom to share deals, information, offers, and more through multiple media.

It is a perfect suitor for marketing and promotional campaigns due to its unique features and functionalities. As the same dynamic code is easily edited to target a new link, there is less consumption of time and resources.

  • Cost-Effective solutions

Most of your customers do not have time to read bulk information and guides. Dynamic QR codes are already replacing the inefficient instruction manuals. Businesses are relying on these smart solutions, which hold additional information.

They can directly help the customers access the products, benefits, videos, inspirations, or share their reviews.

How businesses can work will dynamic QR codes?

  • Payments: This helps customer’s complete transactions through the contactless method. So, many major retailers have already followed the trends and supported the demands of customers.
  • Coupons: With dynamic QR, you will have an opportunity to engage with new and returning customers. It can be easily shared on social media platforms and increases the chances of returning customers.
  • Virtual Information: It will provide a simple method to share your contact information. The dynamic QR code can be customised to follow your brand colours and add a logo. You might want to add a contact number, address, email address, social media profile, and more as necessary.
  • E-Commerce: It can help establish and build brand awareness effortlessly. You can easily interpret the target audience and location where people are interacting the most.
  • Business cards: With such QR codes, you can stay away from boring and traditional business cards. Users can now just scan it and get access to all the information about the business. Also, you can have it printed and instantly turn it into a marketing tool.

Summing it up!

With the best free dynamic QR code generator, creativity and innovation can be easily initiated for the business. It will save you time and effort by producing results faster. Just ensure you follow the right procedure and understand all the features essential for business promotions.

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