10 Most Popular Niches on Instagram to Become Successful  

10 Most Popular Niches on Instagram to Become Successful  

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Marketing, Published On
December 1, 2022

Social media platforms and websites have basically changed the way we perceive who is popular and who is not. Many content creators have turned into Instagram influencers and that is their primary source of income. But when these content creators want to turn out to be influencers, they have to start from scratch.

When any potential content creator is starting out, they will invariably start from zero, unless they have gone viral. But most do not have that privilege. People start out being micro and nano influencers, where they have a loyal niche of followers. By having a solid and loyal niche of followers, many brands prefer to give them products since they get a lot of instagram likes and views and their followers are also very consistent. These are their core followers that will lead these content creators to eventually become influencers.

According to various websites, an Instagram niche is when content creators and influencers target a specific set of audiences. By going into a smaller and narrower market, the competition is cut down to a great extent. But how are you to choose a niche that is the most suitable for you? Well, in this blog post we break down ten different types of niches, that will help you become a successful content creator who can earn a living by being an influencer.

10 Best Niches on Instagram to Become Successful

  • Fashion niche

This niche is the most popular by far. There will invariably be hundreds if not thousands of fashion influencers on the Instagram app. There is also a high demand for fashion influencers and that is the main reason why a lot of content creators are gravitating toward creating content catering to fashion tips and tricks.

  • Lifestyle niche

The lifestyle niche also has millions of followers. But, unlike the fashion niche, content creators have a lot of freedom in terms of what they can create. You can see your favorite content creator’s life, how they work, how they create content, behind the scenes to certain projects, and their adventures and excursions as well. This is a very practical niche as well.

  • Travel niche

Generally speaking, the travel industry is one of the leading industries in the world. Related to this, many people want to see attractive people live out their dreams by traveling across the globe. Instagram offers people a lot of opportunities to become travel content creators. You can earn money by starting a YouTube channel, or doing brand partnerships.

  • Beauty niche

Rather than the beauty industry influencing social media trends, it is the other way around when it comes to the beauty industry. A content creator can earn money by creating reels, product reviews, and partnerships that can boost website sales as well.

  • Health and fitness niche

In 2018, the health and fitness industry earned more than 90 billion dollars. This industry has bound to grow over time. Content creators and influencers can capitalize on this growth. Influencers can share home workouts, HIIT workouts, tutorials, and other reviews with their followers.

  • Parenting niche

The parenting niche has been growing, and it allows parents all over the world to profit from their tips and tricks. It is true that it takes a village to raise a child, and parent influencers can make money on Instagram by celebrating parenthood and sharing other parenting hacks.

  • Business and entrepreneurship niche

With the advent of the internet, people have started to leave their corporate jobs and pursue their assassins by being their own bosses. But many people lack the natural entrepreneurial drive, and here is where the business and entrepreneurship influencers come in. using themselves as an example, these influencers teach their followers to grow their own businesses.

  • Music niche

Almost everyone on the planet loves music. A lot of people are gravitating toward indie music, and are on the hunt for new music. Music influencers can promote their music or recommend new tracks to their followers to earn money.

  • Photography niche

Instagram, at its core, is a photo-sharing app. Therefore, it is very easy for photography influencers to blow up on Instagram. All you need to do is showcase your amazing photography skills with photos, and share tips, presets, and iPhone photography hacks to grow on Instagram.

  • Food niche

Many millennials (the major demographic on Instagram), call themselves food lovers. Bloggers, food reviewers, and chefs can promote their services, to attract new fans. People are looking more to Instagram rather than Yelp to decide if they want to eat at a particular place or not, so food influencers and content creators are very popular indeed.

Instagram has developed into a potent sales machine that provides a variety of opportunities for all individuals to make income on the platform. It is one of the social media platforms with the fastest-growing user engagement rates. Don’t pass up the opportunity to commercialize your Instagram account because there are so many lucrative Instagram niches now that it’s no longer difficult to transform your hobby into a business.

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