10 Marketing Tools That Will Help Your Business Grow

10 Marketing Tools That Will Help Your Business Grow

Written by Alison Lurie, In Marketing, Published On
November 25, 2022

Do you have that brilliant idea that you think is going to be quite famous? Well, we all have gone through that point where we have an excellent business idea but we do not know how to market it. The business idea may be excellent but will not reach its potential customers if not marketed properly. The following article contains great marketing tips which will help in improving your digital presence as well as your brand name and sales.

What marketing tools are available to a business?

There are numerous marketing tools that a business can use to promote its product or service. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics

It is an excellent tool used in figuring out your audience and where exactly you need to market your product. The website of your product may be getting good reach and you are getting a good amount of orders but through google analytics you can find out which target group is visiting your website the most so that your marketing budget is targeted towards that age group only.

  • Ahrefs:


If you are familiar with online marketing, then you must know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is one of the most used tools by marketers to ensure their website is visible to relevant consumers. The SEO tool Ahrefs helps you in searching for keywords that best suit your website, but also find out your competitor’s ranking so that you can compare the keywords of those performing better than you and improve yours for better visibility.

  • iCall:

It is one of the essential marketing tools in today’s age where most of the work is done on calls. It is a call recorder app iPhone offers that records all your for further use. The call recorder app helps in keeping a track of all your audio transactions. The app offers a free trial so that you can get familiar with it before deciding to purchase it by paying a nominal fee. The call recording app iphone is particularly useful for evidence purposes as well as you can save all the audio by recording calls and showing it to your lawyers in case of any misunderstanding with the customer.

The phone recorder iPhone should be used by all small businesses in order to grow and flourish. Another advantage of this call recorder app is that you can ensure none of the orders you receive are missed and are delivered timely as you can track and record all calls to double-check each order’s timings.

  • Intercom:


It is a live chat tool that is used by numerous websites to engage with your customers. Once a user has visited your website, he may have many questions which he might have asked if the salesperson was available in a physical setting. A live chat tool helps the prospective consumer in clearing any queries that he may have before deciding on the purchase.

  • Asana:


It is a project management tool used to streamline all the teams and their managers to improve communication and save time.

  • Zapier:


Zapier is a similar but useful work automation tool that will help the business in automating its work cycle to improve efficiency as well as improve overall productivity.

  • Canva:


This is a must-have for all businesses to use as a marketing tool as you can work on different posters, and make different marketing posts and images yourself without paying hefty fees to graphic designers.

  • YouTube:

How to get more views on YouTube
Image Source – backlinko.com

You can build a channel on YouTube to do video marketing of your product or service quite effectively as it has a large reach and audience which you might cater to.

  • MailChimp:


In today’s digital age the most effective marketing is those which is done through digital forums. MailChimp is an online email marketing tool that lets you send multiple emails at a single time at literally zero cost.

  • Surveys on Websites:

It is a form of Lead Generation marketing whereby you are going to put a survey or a form on your website which will help you in understanding the customers who visit your website. You can offer a free discount or coupon as a motivating factor to those customers who complete the form.

Final Thought

The marketing budget and your time both can be saved if you follow the above tools for effective marketing of your business. These tools like SEO, iCall, Google Analytics, etc will help you in reaching more customers and increasing your sales as well as your brand image.

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