10 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Electronic Correspondence

10 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Electronic Correspondence

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
September 3, 2021

Do you use email to market your goods and services?

When you follow up and check its effectiveness, are you pleased or do you think there’s room for improvement?

With the statistic that shows 95% of email users check their email messages daily, it’s undeniable that email marketing can still be a useful tool.

10 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Electronic Correspondence

Would you like to beef up your email marketing strategies? Learn how to expand your online audience with these ten digital marketing tips for your electronic correspondence.

  • Killer Subject Line

The first thing people see when they open their email is the subject line in bold. Make your subject line eye-catching and attractive to the recipients. Make them want to open the email rather than hitting the delete button.

  • Personalization

Personalized emails have a higher success rate than generic emails. Make it your practice to use the first names of your target audience in the subject line and in the body of the email.

  • Keep it Short

Short and to the point is always good advice especially when it comes to emails. It’s getting more and more difficult to hold someone’s attention. Keep your recipients interest by sending short emails with pertinent information.

  • Pay Attention to Time Zone

Tailor your email campaign to your target audience’s time zone. Emails should arrive in the morning for each of your recipients to have a higher rate of opening.

  • A/B Testing

This type of testing is also referred to as split testing. To evaluate the impact of an email campaign, marketers use two or more versions of an email with different subject lines and email messages and sometimes send them to different time zones.

The results of the experiment help to improve the email marketing strategy.

  • Link to Your Social Media Accounts

After reading your email, make it easy for your audience to go directly to your social media accounts to learn more.

  • Use Your Name as the Sender

Using your name as the sender gives you legitimacy. The receiver will realize there’s a real person behind the email rather than a robot.

  • Include Company Name and Location

Don’t make it confusing. Put your company name and location bold and bright in the email so people know where to find you.

  • Maintain Your List

Keep your lists updated. When you remove the accounts that have unsubscribed and bounced emails, you can better measure the success of your email campaign.

  • Use a Call-to-Action Strategy

Include a call-to-action button to click in the body of the email so your recipients can click and take action right from the email.

Learn more about these email marketing tips here to improve your email marketing campaign.

Using Electronic Correspondence Effectively

If you use electronic correspondence for marketing, you’ll have success if you use it properly. Follow these tips to have a successful yet simple email marketing campaign.

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