How to Open Your Own Mini-Hotel?

How to Open Your Own Mini-Hotel?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In How To, Published On
June 2, 2021
Last modified on March 24th, 2022

Perhaps you have already been thinking about opening your own mini-hotel or hostel? But where do you start?

The founder and general manager of Bnovo, Valentin Miklyaev, visited the new hotel of Olga Nechaeva, who, together with her husband, has been successfully opening accommodation facilities and developing the hotel business in St. Petersburg for more than 5 years, and asked her to share her experience. She also recommends Food safety software to keep your hotel’s catering neat and clean. This is an important suggestion from here experience since it will also enhance your brand awareness and trustworthiness if you keep your hotel’s food services in optimized condition.

Olga noted that first, you need to decide which role suits you. If you have no experience in the client area at all, there is only one financial component, it is better to act as an investor-observer.

If you have minimal experience in any service sector, and you are guided by the legislation at least as a citizen, then you can try yourself as a hotelier.

Tips to Start a Hotel from Scratch

How to Open Your Own Mini-Hotel?

1. Rent an apartment by room during the high summer season

Thus, your download is distributed to not one, but several guests. And accordingly, the profit will come from several arrivals in one day.

2. Use a personal brand

Even at the stage of repair, launch personal accounts in social networks. You can show in a story or video the process of construction (repair), choosing wallpaper, furniture, creating coziness and telling you how profitable your rates will be. Thus, you will gain at least a minimal engaged target audience, which will create a foundation for you for subsequent direct selling.

3. Use OTA to build trust in a hotel

After the completion of the repair, we register on all possible OTA channels (Online travel agencies). It is necessary to show potential guests your cooperation with OTA. For the guest, your partnership, for example, hotel Booking will build trust. Shows that you are a respectable property.

4. We connect the cloud-based hotel management system

In order not to waste time tracking bookings from different sources and not create an overbooking.

The hotel management system will close the “free” dates in parallel, automatically, with the synchronization of guests’ data.

5. The importance of direct selling

If you successfully promote your personal brand and motivate guests to book you through the booking module, in Direct, by phone, or in-person at a meeting, then first of all you will reduce the OTA commission. And your net profit starts to grow. For example, we are working with Bnovo, because the tools of the program allow you to increase income, thereby increasing the budget and creating the opportunity to hire administrative staff and do business development yourself.

We hope you liked the tips we have shared in this article to make your hotel management successful and impactful. All the best for your hotel startup career and wish you a good start in your new business. Thanks for spending your time here with us.

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