Easy fixes for broken Apple mouse

Easy fixes for broken Apple mouse

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January 9, 2023

Apple mouse is a convenient device, loudly stated as Magic. Allegedly, it gives a fabulous user experience with its innovative features. Indeed, the ingenious foot design lets the device glide smoothly while multi-touch technology promotes easy swiping and scrolling. What’s more, the specifications are quite decent as well.

However, even such a powerful company as Apple failed to work wonders and create a flawless PC accessory, so the Magic mouse is prone to breakages and glitches. And we know that for sure, since according to statistics provided by Howly experts – real gurus who can help to fix apple mouse – every third Apple product owner who turns to them for quick online repairs has issues with a Magic mouse. And they can fix your problem too unless the following solutions don’t help you.

How To fix for broken Apple mouse

Determine the problem

Ensure that the problem is with your mouse, not your Mac. And to determine the culprit, check whether your Magic mouse functions well with other iOS devices. If the accessory behaves flawlessly, you can be pretty sure it’s a problem with your Mac. Otherwise, just keep reading to fix your broken Apple mouse.

Check the batteries/power

Although it’s quite obvious, fresh batteries can bring your mouse back to life. While doing this, check the battery compartment for dirt, dust, and any other stuff that may get there. If you’re an owner of Magic Mouse 2, the battery is built-in. Therefore, short-time charging is all you need to fix the problem. If the device works, it’s your lucky day, in another case – move on to further solutions.

Turn your devices on and off

This applies to both your Mac and Apple mouse. Simple power cycling helps eliminate those weird system glitches and often works well for fixing minor technical problems. So turn off your devices for several minutes and power them on again.

Install updates

Uninstalled Mac updates usually trigger various kinds of malfunctions. Thus, besides mouse troubleshooting, you may also be looking for quick solutions to fix your MacBook keyboard, Bluetooth, sound, app crashes, and many more issues. So if you haven’t upgraded your device for a long period, the time has come. Have no idea of what updates you need and how to install them? Contact Howly experts for stepwise guidelines – that’s a matter of minutes for their tech team.

Reconnect the mouse

The solution is quick and simple but can help you as well. So what to do? Nothing’s difficult:

  1. Access Apple Menu
  2. Open Settings, spot Bluetooth and hit it
  3. Reconnect the mouse by toggling On & Off

None of the solutions helped. Then Howly.com is your way to go. Certified experts will diagnose your problem and offer professional fixes to get your mouse working in no time!

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