Creating Intuitive Forms for Your Shopify Store – 5 Steps!

Creating Intuitive Forms for Your Shopify Store – 5 Steps!

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November 23, 2023

Shopify by itself is a great platform for all budding entrepreneurs to start their online store. By default, it already has a plethora of features to provide the best user experience to your store customers. But, to ensure you get that leading edge, the platform allows you to integrate the best Shopify apps that enhance the basic functionalities of your store.

Whether you want to optimize the way your product images are being viewed or enhance the speed of your store, there’s an app for everything. If not, you can hire professionals to get a custom app ready for your Shopify store. Among the various types of Shopify apps that are popular in terms of enhancing store functions, a form builder app is considered very important.

A form builder app is helpful for Shopify businesses to collect, analyze, and utilize customer data in marketing campaigns or for making business decisions. In short, there is an endless list of perks that you can attain upon integrating the best form-building app for your Shopify store.

So, if you are looking to attain those benefits for your business and want to settle for the best form builder app, this article has the steps to help you easily integrate and create one.

What do You Understand by the Shopify Forms?

Shopify Forms
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Shopify forms are better known as short surveys that you conduct among your customers. It helps you collect data from your site visitors or consumers. Moreover, you can use it to create a custom checkout or contact us page without the need to write any code.

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The best form builder app will help you engage your customers with the store and create a bigger email list for future marketing campaigns. With such an app, you will be able to create a form that would prompt your customers to join your newsletter services in exchange for a discount or offer. You can also customize the form to align it with your brand value.

How Can You Integrate a Shopify Form Builder App to Your Store?

There are ample Shopify form builder apps available in the official app store for you to download, install, and get started with the use of it. But, if you have some specific requirements on features or functions of the form builder app that aren’t available in the pre-developed options, you can always hire developers to help you in the process.

Just like people tend to hire Magento 2 developers for building dedicated store extensions, you can count on hiring Shopify app developers to get you a unique form builder app for the store. Upon completion of the development process, they shall help you integrate the same into your Shopify store as well.

This is the simple approach to how you can get your form builder app integrated into the store. Now, it comes to how to use the app to create astounding forms for scaling your store experience. To address it, here are the steps that you must follow in order to create a Shopify form through the integrated app:

Access the Shopify Form Builder App

Go to the Shopify Admin centre and select ‘Apps’ from the option. Now, you shall see the form builder app you just integrated or installed. Click on it!

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Create a New Form

Click on the given option as ‘Create Form’ or anything that resembles the same, depending on the app you have chosen. The next step is to choose a template to decide what the form will be about.

For instance, if you want the form to be a ‘Contact Us’, ‘Checkout’, ‘Newsletter Subscribe’ or anything else, explore the template options available within the app and choose one.

Most of the Shopify form builder apps have the option to customize the form templates. So, if you tend to change the look and feel of your forms, use this feature. Specify the basic fields, such as name, email address, submit button, and others.

Create Custom Fields

Once you have filled out all the default fields of the template, you might feel the necessity of having more of them to add some custom information requests. Find the ‘Fields’ tab over the form-building section of the app.

Find the option ‘Text Boxes’ or ‘New Field’ and click on it to create your custom section. Enter the desired text in those boxes, and repeat the process for as many boxes as you want to add to the form template.

Customize the Overall Look and Feel

Once all the fields are set within your form template, it is time to enhance the form’s appearance. Look out for the ‘Edit’ option in the ‘Forms’ tab of your app.

Look for the ‘CSS’ section in the edit options, where you will be able to customize the background color, padding, border radius, font size, margin, and other such properties of the form.

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Save the Form & Submit It

You can now save the form and submit it to upload it directly to your Shopify store. Open your store in a new tab and see how the form looks over it.

Remember, there is a built-in form-creating tool within Shopify as well, but that has certain limitations that would hinder your creativity in creating an ideal form.

Therefore, integrate the third-party apps or create a custom solution for your form-building requirements to have limitless customization functionalities upon creating dedicated forms.

Parting Words

These are the steps you must follow in order to create a form using the right Shopify app on your store. It would help entice your customers to connect with your brand and stay engaged for a longer time. Thus, the chances of conversions will be higher when you use the concept of adding forms wisely.

Among the best Shopify apps, pick a form builder that has unique features that meet your requirements. If you don’t find one, no worries, as you can always hire a professional to help you with custom app development solutions.

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