How to Chat With Snapchat’s AI Chatbot?

How to Chat With Snapchat’s AI Chatbot?

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November 1, 2023

Social media applications like Snapchat are racing to integrate AI. My AI, Snapchat’s new chatbot, can perform many things. From meal planning to present suggestions to jokes, my AI is enjoyable and easy to use. This article explains how to activate and use Snapchat’s AI technology.

My AI: How to Use It?

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The friendly and experimental Snapchat+ chatbot is exclusively available to subscribers. If you want to use this new AI tool, join Snapchat+. Snapchat+ supports iPhones and Androids. Advanced features, including longer story expiration, camera colour borders, unique notification noises, and more, cost $3.99 per month. Snapchat+ users have My AI enabled by default. Simply open your chat screen to access it.

The instructions are below:

  • Launch Snapchat on your iPhone or Android.
  • Swipe right from the camera.
  • Try My AI with a text, inquiry, or task.

If you just subscribed to Snapchat+ to use this service, My AI may not appear on your chat screen for a few hours. It will appear as a pinned conversation on Chat after installation.

Use my AI where?

My AI is available on Snapchat’s website, desktop app, and mobile app. Chatting with my AI works in all three. Sign in to Snapchat on a computer with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari (Firefox doesn’t enable talking) to try My AI. Click the left sidebar, My AI entry, at the conversation screen. Download the Windows desktop app. Open it and click My AI. Download the iOS or Android app to use it. Open the app, swipe right from the camera screen, and pick My AI.

How Can Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Assistant Help?

Snapchat My AI can be used to kill time with conversations. The new AI chatbot has many more capabilities. My AI can arrange trips, offer birthday gifts, write haikus and poems, and recommend meals. Note that ChatGPT is not entirely portable. Snapchat’s My AI chatbot can’t create essays, blogs, or homework. Since Snapchat AI is a companion, you may name and customise its chat wallpaper. Snapchat also stated that its AI is imperfect and prone to blunders. Snapchat says its My AI chatbot is “prone to hallucinations and can be tricked into saying just about anything.” This bot cannot be relied on for information, so take its responses with a grain of salt.

How to Use Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Chatbot on iOS and Android

The Snapchat AI chatbot was first provided as an experimental feature to U.S. Snapchat Plus subscribers. Snapchat+ costs $3.99 per month. Snapchat finally gave everyone free access to My AI Bot after waiting for other countries. The unpleasant and creepy AI bot doesn’t require a Snapchat+ subscription to talk to you. By default, “My AI” is pinned under the app’s “Chat” tab above your friend discussions. Swipe right from the “Camera” page to the “Chat” tab to try my AI. The bot is in beta, and some functions are only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

Remove Snapchat ‘My AI’ from the chat feed

If many Snapchat My AI users don’t want it, disable the chatbot. You can unpin or delete its chat. How to remove Snapchat’s My AI bot from the chat feed is already available. However, we briefly detailed how to remove the “My AI” dialogue from your chat feed here.

  • Tap your profile icon (or Bitmoji) in the top left corner. Tap the top-right “Settings” cog.
  • Scroll to “Privacy Controls” and press “Clear Data.” Then touch “Clear Conversations” on the next page.
  • Scroll to “Privacy Controls” and press “Clear Data.” Then touch “Clear Conversations” on the next page.

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Difference between ChatGPT and My AI

Open AI’s ChatGPT technology powers Snapchat’s My AI. ChatGPT integration with Snapchat lets you use one of the most popular AI tools for the price of a Snapchat subscription. You may have tried ChatGPT. If so, my AI lacks ChatGPT’s features. The Snapchat feature employs the same technology but provides fewer answers. Snapchat’s safety and trust guidelines prohibit My AI from answering with swearing, sexually explicit content, or politics. Also, my AI doesn’t write academic papers.

Another big difference is that my AI handles the tool like a person. The tool has an app profile page like any other user. My AI aims to be a pleasant Snapchat friend. It’s not a search engine. Speed is my AI advantage. ChatGPT takes seconds to respond, while my AI does it instantly. The company refines My AI every day based on user feedback. The tool will focus more on social media than ChatGPT, which is popular. ChatGPT is a more advanced feature for personal and commercial use due to its wider use cases. However, my AI is for personal use exclusively.


Snapchat’s AI Chatbot: Does It Store Conversations?

Snapchat My AI stores chat tab chats. The records stay until deleted. This may raise privacy concerns, but Snapchat servers are generally safe, and your data should be safe. If you don’t like this, follow the steps above to remove the Snapchat AI chatbot from your feed.

Any other data it can access?

Snapchat stores your conversations and city-level location. The company says this data will strengthen the AI chatbot. This will also improve firm products and personalise advertising.

Is my AI data shared?

My AI relies on bot interactions from you. The location by city is also remembered. This information is used to personalise your Snap app or ad experience.

My AI will be free?

Nonsubscribers often question if Snapchat will make My AI open to everyone. CEO Evan Spiegel wants MyAI to be available to everyone.

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