How To Make Money With Beacons AI?

How To Make Money With Beacons AI?

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October 29, 2023
Last modified on October 30th, 2023

Looking for more fans, money, and opportunities to make money as a creator? You must know has everything creators need. lets you combine your social media, website, and email on one page. This strategy lets you collect supporter email addresses, build gorgeous media kits, and analyse your website’s traffic.

This article answers “What is” We will also perform a thorough “ review” to determine “Is safe?”

How does Bacon’s AI work?

AI’s artist business platform now features 14 creative tools. Previously, it had 3.

  • A collection of simple maker business tools
  • All the tools are linked to the Beacon Cortex, a smart data layer that helps producers work better and earn more.
  • Beacon’s free account lets creators mix and match tools to suit their workflow.
  • offers three creator products: Advanced tools including Link-in-Bio, Media Kit builder, and Invoicing.
  • Pro Plans let designers add features to tools to create a platform that can develop to meet any creative demand.

Uses for AI beacons?

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence helps people get followers, monetize their content, and build brand partnerships.

Some examples:

  • If you have a significant online following and are an influencer, Beacons AI can help you acquire lucrative advertising partnerships.
  • Beacon AI can boost movie, blog, and other material views.
  • Beacon AI could let artists open an online store to sell their digital or physical goods to followers.

The price?

With Free and numerous Pro options,’s new pricing is more customizable.

Current list of what each choice covers:

Free package:

All 14 Beacons’ making tools are free forever.

Pro Plans

Monthly Bio Pro costs $10. At $10 per month, Media Kit Pro offers amazing ad tools including a branded domain. Your media kit is automatically updated everyday with all your social media data. Professional Email Marketer ($13/month): Beacons Store Pro ($10/mo) requires you to import your subscriber list to centralise fan interactions. No cost for any purchase.


Email Marketing Pro and Store Pro Marketing ($24/month) Brand Deal Bundle ($14): Media Kit Pro and Link in Bio More price alternatives allow creators to satisfy their needs and just pay for resources. is versatile and scalable for budding writers and established influencers.

How to use Beacon’s AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Casino Industry 

Follow these steps to use

Step 1. Create a free account

Go to and click “Sign up”. Create an account with your email or social network profile.

Step 2: Add contacts and social media

Your website will open after account creation. Include your social media, website, and email in the “Links” page. Add your qualifications, contact info, and pricing.

Step 3: Customise your homepage. lets you customise landing pages for businesses. Change the page’s colours, styles, and layout. Images and videos strengthen and distinguish your page.

Step 4: Link your bio

Send your landing page to peers whenever you’re pleased with the changes. Link-in-bio pages can be added to social media, websites, and emails.

In conclusion

One-page link sites sell simple items. They inform site visitors of your most vital links. We think all real leaders should use Beacons’ marketing and monetization services since it does that. The platform’s simplicity and personalised domain names for Beacons are its best features. Beacons may be a good alternative to LinkTree.

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