Susan Deixler: Net Worth, Family and Bio

Susan Deixler: Net Worth, Family and Bio

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January 29, 2023
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American singer-songwriter Barry Manilow’s first wife was Susan Deixler, who is now 74 years old. Manilow was a huge star in the 1970s. They had been in love since they were young and got married right after high school. Susan Deixler was only 19 years old when they got married in 1964. Susan and the singer of “Copacabana” met in high school and got married in 1964. Their marriage, however, did not last long. They got a divorce a year later, and Susan had the marriage thrown out in 1966.

Everything About Susan Deixler

Susan Deixler’s Love Story from High School

Barry Alan Pinkus, the star of “Copacabana,” was born in Brooklyn. He married his high school sweetheart, Deixler when she was just out of high school. They started dating when she was a junior at Brooklyn’s Eastern District High School and he was a senior there. Susan Deixler’s love story was like something out of a teen movie or book. Deixler, who was popular at school, and Manilow, who was shy and played in the band, were together.

Susan Deixler’s Divorce

From what Manilow and Deixler have said about their marriage, it seems likely that they were happy while they were together. A year later, Manilow ended the marriage because he wanted to focus on his art instead of his wife. Susan Deixler says he was young and immature at the time. When he decided to leave, he was looking forward to “musical adventures.

Then, Deixler decided to end the marriage because of “fraud,” and neither side has said more about this in the years since. Manilow had always said that Deixler had been the perfect wife during their marriage and that he was still in love with her when they got a divorce. He blamed everything on his youth.

Some Things No One Knows About Susan Deixler

Susan Deixler

Barry Manilow has had some well-known relationships with women, even though he has now told the world that he is gay. In the 1970s, he dated several women, including Melissa Manchester, Lorna Luft, and others. But Manilow was already married before that. He was married to Susan Deixler, his high school sweetheart. Deixler is now a nursing care manager in California and lives a very private life.

  • She was in love with Manilow in high school

She went out with Manilow when he was a senior in high school and she was a junior. Manilow’s biography says that he and Susan were very different in school. Susan was friendly and outgoing, while Manilow tended to stick with a few close friends. After she graduated, Manilow went to the City College of New York and the New York College of Music. She also worked as a secretary, according to her biography.

Soon, Susan Deixler started talking about getting married. Their classmates were surprised because they thought they were too young. In 1964, the young couple decided to elope because their families couldn’t agree on how much a big wedding would cost. Her parents wanted a big wedding, but his parents didn’t. During their lunch break, they got married in the judge’s chambers at City Hall. After lunch, they went back to work for the rest of the day. The book says that Deixler’s parents didn’t like the civil ceremony, so the couple got married again in front of a rabbi.

  • Susan Deixler has two kids and works with older people

After the divorce was finalized, Deixler never got married again. But she did become a nurse, and since 2005, she has worked as a care manager for an organization in Port Reyes, California, that helps seniors stay in their homes. The video above shows that she also runs a swimming program for the group. She has two grown children: Pauline, a lawyer, and Daniel, a builder, and musician.

  • The couple was married for a year

In his autobiography, Manilow wrote that a rabbi blessed their marriage, and then the couple moved into a Greenwich Village apartment, where Manilow worked on his music career. He said that Deixler was “the ideal wife.” Even so, he left her a year later to go on what he called a “musical adventure.” He told People Magazine that he didn’t have any problems with his sexuality at the time.


  • News About Susan Deixler’s Career

Susan Deixler never got married again, and she worked hard at her nursing job. She works as a care manager at an in-home nursing service organization for senior citizens in California.

  • Who are The Children of Susan Deixler?

Susan Deixler has two children who are all grown up. Because she keeps to herself, not much is known about her besides the fact that her daughter is a lawyer and her son is a musician.

  • What Is Susan Deixler’s net worth?

Susan Deixler has two children who are all grown up. She is a private person, but her daughter is a lawyer and her son is a musician. Barry Manilow is known to be rich because he is a rock star. But there is no information about Susan Deixler’s salary, assets, or net worth as a whole. She is said to be a certified holistic healer who works at a nurse-care organization in California. Based on this information and the fact that her children are professionals in their own right, we can say that she is financially stable and does not need money. Son is known by many.

  • What Is Susan Deixler’s Current Relationship?

We don’t know anything about Susan Deixler’s romantic relationships. After almost 50 years, Deixler and Manilow still seem to get along well. In fact, when she heard that Manilow was getting married to his longtime partner, she was happy for him.

  • What Is Susan Deixler’s job?

When she finally told the press about her past relationship with Manilow, Susan said that she was a very private person. She has avoided talking to the media in the past.

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