Best Shopify Reporting App – Mipler

Best Shopify Reporting App – Mipler

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May 17, 2024

If you are considering which Shopify Reporting App to choose, Mipler offers the optimal solution. Whether interested in Shopify sales tax reports, you will simplify the process of submitting tax returns, declarations, and inspections and receiving detailed records of operations for specified periods.

Are you interested in how to calculate AOV (tracking average order value (AOV) on Shopify is crucial for understanding customer spending behaviour and enabling targeted strategies to increase transaction revenue?

Are you interested in sales reports? You will find them all in the Mipler Advanced Reports application, which offers 11 types of advanced reports. With the help of these reports, you can analyze the entire sales cycle down to the most minor details.

That’s why we claim the Mipler app is the best solution for your business.

What do we expect from the best reporting app?


“The best Shopify reporting app” is known for its thorough, user-friendly, efficient reporting and analytics tailored to its store owners.

Here’s what sets this app apart:

1. Comprehensive data integration

The best reporting app easily integrates with Shopify and possibly other platforms (like marketing tools or external CRM systems) to pull in and consolidate data from multiple sources. This ensures store owners have a complete view of their business metrics from a single dashboard.

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2. Deep and customizable reporting

This program provides detailed information on various business aspects, such as sales figures, customer behaviour, inventory levels, and financial health. Importantly, it allows you to customize the reports so that users can focus on the metrics most important to their specific business needs and goals.

3. Analytics in real time

Real-time data processing is essential for timely decision-making. Shopify’s best reporting app offers the most up-to-date statistics, allowing business owners to react quickly to market changes, adjust their strategies, and take advantage of opportunities.

4. Convenient interface

It combines powerful features with a user-friendly interface that makes complex data analysis accessible to users of any level of technical training. A good reporting application should provide easy navigation, quick access to reports and straightforward interpretation of analytical data.

5. Scalability

As businesses grow, data analysis needs become more complex. Shopify’s best reporting app is built to scale, supporting increased data volume and more complex analytical needs without sacrificing performance.

6. Useful information for making strategic decisions

More than just generating data, the best app helps identify trends, predict future patterns, and provide recommendations that can improve operational and marketing efficiency.

7. Support and Resources

Excellent customer support and educational resources are also hallmarks of a great Shopify reporting app.

What you get with Mipler Advanced Reports

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Thanks to its powerful analytics, customization options, and user-friendly design, Mipler Advanced Reports is the best choice for Shopify store owners.

While you may spend valuable time collecting data manually daily, there are questions about efficiency, control, error rates, and cost.

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Mipler simplifies report creation. Automating data collection saves you daily hours on tasks like forecasting orders, planning production, and tracking inventory.

Reports like Shopify Sales by Product or RFM Segments are essential for data-driven decision-making but can be challenging to generate. Mipler simplifies this process by making it easy to build and use.

Here are the main reasons why Mipler Advanced Reports is considered best in class:

Customizable dashboards: Mipler allows users to customize their dashboards so that the most critical information is displayed first, making it easier to interpret the data.

Real-time data processing: Mipler processes data in real-time, ensuring high accuracy for all reports, essential for immediate decision-making.

User-friendly interface: Mipler was designed with ease of use in mind. Its simple, intuitive interface makes complex data analysis accessible to users of any skill level.

Scalability: No matter how much your business grows, the app’s performance won’t suffer.
Integration options: Mipler easily integrates with Shopify and other tools and platforms.

Mipler Advanced Reports provide strategic insights for decision-making. Users can forecast trends, prepare for scenarios, and analyze real-time data.


Mipler is the top reporting app for Shopify, transforming data into strategic insights.

It provides diverse reports on sales, customer analytics, inventory management, and tax reporting, enabling quick decisions, time savings, and customizable reports.

Seamless integration with Shopify means you can begin instantly with tutorials and support to maximize your experience.

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