How To Check PNR Status – 3 Easy Methods

How To Check PNR Status – 3 Easy Methods

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September 22, 2020
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What is PNR status?

Passenger Name Record(PNR) means a record of the customers who easily come to Indian railways when they book the tickets. It shows all the journey details of the travelers and the people are in a reserved category. When passengers book their tickets all the database has been recorded as their booking system. PNR number is of 10 digit number and this number has been written on the tickets. Details like age, gender, name have been mentioned and collected in the database. Other details like train number, booking status, and many other details will be mentioned. By PNR number you’ll get to understand the coach number, berth type, and his number. As the train has a limited number of seats and everyone can’t get it so a reservation is necessary sometimes.

Where to find a PNR (Passenger Name record) on tickets?

PNR number is written on the left side or left angle of the tickets, you take tickets from the ticket windows. If you book tickets online then it’ll be mentioned on top in a separate cell.
It has made it easy and convenient to check the PNR status online to know everything about the seat.

How to check PNR status?

Through smartphones and the internet, you can check your PNR number easily wherever you are. Some PNR status has been mentioned below which you have to check to know it better:

1. PNR status inquiry through online live website

2. Current reservation status check using SMS

3. Mobile applications

4. Railways inquiry counters at railway stations

5. You can also check PNR status by downloading the app from the play store. This is easily known your PNR status lives very easily.

There are many types of PNR status and some of them are mentioned below-

1. CNF PNR Status-

CNF means your tickets have been confirmed and you have allotted a seat after making the chart.

2. WL PNR Status-

WL stands for the waiting list which means you can travel until your tickets get confirmed.

3. RAC PNR Status-

RAC stands for Reservation against cancellation. You can travel but it’s not confirmed that you’ll get a berth or not.

4. CAN Status-

CAN stands for the tickets have been canceled and passengers can’t travel this train.

5. GNWL PNR Status-

GNWL means general wishlist which means if any passenger canceled the ticket then confirmation tickets will be allocated to you.

6. NOSB PNR Status-

NOSB stands for No seat berth and children before 12 years will not get the seats too.


What is NOSB or NOSB Booking Means?

nosb booking means
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people often confused with this term NOSB and asked for others or search for this on the net “NOSB booking means”, So here is the answer.

In a Simplified Manner, NOSB means “No Seat for Half Fare”. Let me tell you with an example – you have booked a ticket for a child having age between 5 to 11 years, in the status of seat NOSB(No Seat For Half Fare) instead of CNF(Confirmed).

So, NOSB = No Seat Berth (if the child age is less than eleven years and opted for half fare ticket.

NOSB, 0(Zero) = Allowed for the journey without a seat.
But If you want to book a seat, it is mandatory to pay full fare (Same as Adult Fare) for the child even if the age is between 5 to 11 years.

What is a PNR status and what all details it has?

You can easily check your booking status online and you’ll get to know whether your tickets is waiting or confirmation

Online tickets will also show your payment mode

You can easily check your train name, number, journey date, reach, destination, board time through your PNR number.

How does the PNR status change from the waiting list to confirm?

If in any case, other passengers cancel their train tickets then those waiting lists will be your confirmed tickets.

What is RAC PNR status and is the berth allotted in RAC status?

RAC means Reservation against cancellation, which means you can travel with that ticket but it’ll not be fixed that you’ll be getting a berth. In RAC one berth is divided into two passengers they have to share it.

How can I get IRCTC PNR status via phone call or an SMS?

There are two ways from which you can check your online status i.e via call or SMS

For calls: just dial 139

For SMS: type PNR< your PNR number> and send it to 139

Is it possible to travel only with a PNR number?

Yes, it is possible to travel only with your PNR number. If in case you lost your tickets and your ticket is confirmed then you can give you details to TTE with ID proof.

Can I change the boarding station of a booked ticket?

Yes, you can change the boarding station if you book online through the IRCTC app.

It can be changed before the 24hrs of the departure of the train. It’s not applicable for I-tickets, you can’t change it anyways.

There are two types of Indian Railway tickets and they are:


E-tickets are also called electronic tickets which are only booked through the IRCTC website. After booking the tickets you can easily print booked tickets and which you can also show to TTE with your ID proof.


I-Tickets means you have to book a ticket at the railway reservation counter. They book tickets through a website and courier it to your doorstep.

Where is your PNR code?

You’ll be getting your PNR code through SMS or via emails. For checking all the train details as this is the easiest and fastest way to get all the details. You can reach at that time so you don’t have to wait and get a comfortable ride.

There are different types of Abbreviations, some of are here:

PNR- Passenger Name record

3A- AC 3 Tier

SL- Sleeper Class

2S- Second Sitting

1A- First Class AC

GN- General Quota

CK- Tatkal Quota

HP- Physically Handicapped Quota

SS- Travelling Alone Female Quota(above 45 years)/Senior Citizen Quota

All trains are categorized according to their speed, halts, and their roots. some trains have been mentioned below:

Metro Trains-

Metro trains are always with the latest technologies and with great facilities. Metro cities run only in some cities i.e Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Metro trains ticket does not require any PNR number. These trains are always on time and run high in speed.

Passenger trains-

There are two types of passenger trains in work both speed fast and slow. Passenger trains always stop at every station and collect the passengers. For the ticket counter only you have to take tickets. No PNR number or reservation is required in these.

Rajdhani Express-

Rajdhani express is always on time or you can say before the time. You have to book your tickets first to get a seat as you can easily book on a website. Rajdhani trains are full of air-conditioned trains.

Duronto Express-

This train service has recently started by Indian railways. This train covers only some stations and does not stop at every station.

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