Why are Mobile applications proving to be the future of startups?

Why are Mobile applications proving to be the future of startups?

Written by Moli Mishra, In Technology, Updated On
April 18th, 2024

What if a startup could effortlessly reach an astronomical audience from the ground up without spending millions? If that animates you, then you are in the right place. We will show how mobile applications have turned the above concept into actuality. These mobile icons have become unavoidable for businesses, given their potential to take ventures up a notch. But how does it help in maximizing exposure at the drop of a hat?

Currently, 3.8 billion smartphone operators worldwide are showing no signs of slowing down. Creating an ideal application involves many annoyances, so to reduce them, enterprises hire a well-suited app development company. In recent years, the top app development agencies have registered a massive upsurge in demand for commercial mobile apps, and this is driven by the inimitable profit they bring to a business.

Why are Mobile applications proving to be the future of startups?

As the title suggests, mobile applications are the future of startups, and some key points justify this statement. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Accessibility:

You can’t talk about the benefits of smartphones without mentioning their accessibility. Startups are increasingly using these mobile apps to increase their sales. How does a mobile app being accessible help in business growth? With the help of mobile apps, end users can access any service from anywhere at any time. Now, percept the same statement from a business angle, you will describe a massive revenue uplift.

According to a survey, business financiers have infused 73 billion dollars in companies with mobile apps, which undeniably speaks volumes about the credibility an application provides to an enterprise.

  • Acquaintance with smartphones:

Nowadays, finding someone who doesn’t own a smartphone is a job that is next to impossible. The increased familiarity of the end-users with apps has brought in a massive escalation in sales and turned out to be an absolute game-changing aspect. An average user invests 4.2 hours per day in a mobile application, occupying not only a chunk of the user’s time but also his brain. App revenue curves and spending are increasing by leaps and bounds every year. In 2023, customers spent 200 billion dollars solely on mobile apps, which is anticipated to grow in the coming years. As mind-boggling as it may sound, 90 per cent of mobile internet time is spent on mobile applications. This boosted revenue generation, and time-occupancy is luring more and more businesses into the world of mobile app solutions.

  • The inevitable review strategy:

How often have we seen ratings or feedback popups in mobile software? You may think that it is redundant, but let me tell you, it is as significant as anything. It breaks down the barrier between the business owner and end-users as it gives them the scope to submit their opinions and suggest new changes to improve user-friendliness. It lets the app developers mould the app according to the outlook of the people who use it.

  • The ideal application for your venture

Suppose you look closely at the first paragraph. In that case, I have mentioned the term well-suited app development company, but what factors determine the suitability of an app development agency for your business? If you are muddled over it then there are few points you should look for in an app development company, experience, and track record, be it any field, these are two cardinal points. If that matches your standpoint, then you might want to look at TechAhead. Why did I mention TechAhead?

Well, they have a streamlined industry experience of 11 years, during which over 600 startups were served, and clients like ESPN, Audi, and Disney were featured. They have over 35 prestigious awards for securing the best iOS app development company position. The list doesn’t end here. If I decide to list all their accolades then we would probably need another article. Now, if you think it covers all the criteria for an ideal company, you might want to check them out.

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