Air Conditioners and its Serviceability

Air Conditioners and its Serviceability

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Updated On
April 8th, 2024

As we know, the air conditioner is no longer a luxury consumer good but more of an essential commodity in parts of the world where the temperature is always on the higher side of the mercury. Also, air conditioners work as heaters in too much cold weather, so it’s necessary. In countries like India, AC was considered a luxury until the nineties, but with liberalization, demand for AC has increased rapidly. All the big AC manufacturers are now in India with their factories since it is a significant emerging market. Few of them are leading the pack. Hitachi manufacturing, which Johnson controls in India, is the number three largest AC brand in India in terms of sales. They also have a vast network of service centers in India. The comfort of using an air conditioner also comes with a cost that accompanies servicing and maintenance. This article will discuss the Hitachi AC service and other related products.

Hitachi has a large customer base in India, so they have an extensive service network there. Hitachi India has headquarters in New Delhi. Hitachi has many brand-owned showrooms on a franchise-based model like any other major consumer brand. Also, they have good customer care centers to support their customers for after-sales AC service. This part is essential because you must launch new quality products at a reasonable price to retain and increase the customer base. But at the same time, provide the best customer support and after-sales service to minimize consumer grievances. A happy consumer will always recommend others by sharing their experience, which is the best form of advertisement that a brand can get.

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Essential Points To Consider While Purchasing An AC?

As a regular buyer, you must research if you want to buy an AC for your home office or shop. In this age of the internet this has become so much easier, let’s see how we can do some research about the AC we want to buy. To start, you must have an estimated budget that you can allocate for purchasing an AC. Those are also available if you are looking for financing and EMI options. Next, you have to decide which type of AC capacity you need for cooling. You have two options: either buy window AC or split AC with the specified capacity, like one, two, or three tons, since AC’s basic concept is to remove heat from indoors rather than cooling it; that is why it is measured in the ton. One ton means the heat needed to melt a ton of ice.

Once the type and capacity are decided, it’s time to think about which brand and model to purchase. Remember to consider any brand based on two things: one, their product quality, and second, their after-sales service. To know about product quality, you can read reviews, and for after-sales service experience, you can again either read reviews or even ask anyone you know who is using the product. AC is a maintenance-hungry commodity, so it does keep aside some money every year to be spent on its maintenance. This maintenance must be done by experienced service engineers assigned by the brands or the third-party authorized service center.

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About AC installation

Once everything is decided, you purchase the product. You must call the service engineer at the home office or shop to install the AC. The installation process varies depending on the type of AC. Window AC is easily installed in window spaces, while for the split, you need to install two units, one inside and one outside. Copper pipes connect both units for heat exchange. The window AC installation cost is much less than that of split AC. But remember, divided ACs are much more energy-efficient than window ACs. As a brand, Hitachi has both windows and split AC with various models in India’s price categories and capacities.

About AC servicing

The next stage is maintenance. As we already know, AC needs regular maintenance. Once you purchase, an AC brand offers a one-year service warranty. If anything goes sideways in a year, it’s the company’s responsibility to fix it. They also provide free service engineer visits for regular cleaning and servicing. But after that, everything is chargeable. You can extend your warranty and free services by purchasing AMC from the brand. Still, significant faults like gas leakages are not covered, and the customer must pay for them.


Buying an AC is just the beginning of a long relationship with the brand. So, as a potential buyer, choose wisely and enjoy cooling your air conditioners this summer.

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