What Is The Use Of Proxy Checkers?

What Is The Use Of Proxy Checkers?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In software, Technology, Published On
December 21, 2022
Last modified on January 5th, 2023

Every step you take on the internet – checking a website, watching a video, buying some stuff online, etc., you leave a digital trail. This trail is like a fingerprint – a unique code ascribed only to you by which the real person or PC behind it can be tracked and identified.

One of the most popular tools for having anonymity on the World Wide Web is a high-quality proxy. Proxy technology dates back a few decades ago and nowadays it has become one of the most popular ways of keeping your identity and private information safe.

The problem faced by internet users today is not if I should have a proxy, but what kind of proxy I should have. How to know that the proxies you are using are anonymous, fast, and function properly?

Before going into detail about proxy checkers, for anyone who is interested in a quick recommendation for it (we love the UI). This is a proxy checker that has already established its name among long-time proxy users.

What is a proxy checker?

The best way to find a truly reliable proxy is to use a checker. While most of the proxy checkers are found as online websites, the growing market of proxy users has initiated developers to upgrade the technology and present the users with app-based products.

App-based proxy checkers usually are faster, and more versatile, and provide the user with an in-depth report about the proxy.

But before downloading any app that is recommended on the internet, you still should ask yourself if you really need it. The software you simply found online might not always be up to snuff. Always check if the provider has a legitimate website and is well-known in the market.

The main features of a proxy checker

  • Being in control of your internet identity

Proxies like almost everything in the world are diverse. Some of them are like windows – made from glass, hiding nothing. Other ones are like doors – made from stainless steel which blocks the view of someone who might be tracking you. And a variety between them. In other words, one of the basic uses for proxies is to give its owner anonymity.

A good proxy checker is the most effective tool to evaluate how well that particular proxy is hiding the user’s identity.

Is it alive?

Proxies exist and are maintained by people all throughout the world. A long chain of different tech and people have to connect together for a proxy to work. While it is not the best solution, a lot of net users use free proxies. Free proxies are much more susceptible to being banned, flagged as spam, or even being dead.

If you are using only one proxy, it is easy to see when it stops working – the connection doesn’t work. But if you are someone like us, who cannot achieve their daily tasks without multiple proxies, a proxy checker comes in handy to keep track of and status of all the proxies being used.

  • Need for speed

No matter if you are using a free or paid proxy, one of the most important aspects is speed. From checking the website that got recently banned in your country to multitasking on various bots, nothing is more frustrating than a slow proxy.

One of the most popular ways of using a proxy these days is to be able to use forbidden media streaming services throughout the world. Imagine how that would work with a sloppy and lagging proxy.

Even paid proxies can have some issues regarding speed. Nobody can guarantee you that the same proxy that was reliable in the past, will be the same in the future. Except for a good proxy checker. To be more precise, at least it can guarantee you from using a slow proxy.

  • Geography 101

When it comes to geography and proxies, there are two aspects that you have to be aware of. First – as we wrote earlier, anonymity regarding your location. Second – where the proxy is based and if that location suits your needs.

There are places in the world where the freedom to get all kinds of information on the web is forbidden by governments. Sometimes even a simple transaction can be done only with a specific residential address. Having a proxy checker helps you to identify and choose proxies based on their designated location.


We hope that from the list compiled above you have a more clear and better picture of what a proxy checker is. While it is inconvenient that many internet users have to use proxies for their daily activities or projects, the fortunate thing is that we have proxy checkers who help us to navigate through the ever-changing reliability of proxies.

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