What Is Required for Live Video Streaming in the UK?

What Is Required for Live Video Streaming in the UK?

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December 17, 2022

Over time live video streaming has become the most efficient way to communicate with audiences. It has helped businesses increase their brand awareness, provide safe engagement platforms with their viewers, gain valuable feedback from users, and build good relations with customers. And this is why Live Streaming Platforms were able to attain a revenue of $72.2 Billion in 2021. In developed countries like the UK, more than half the population has subscriptions to at least one streaming platform. Howtowatchinuk.co.uk provides a detailed guide on the best streaming platforms available in the UK today.

5 Basic requirements to set up live video streaming in the UK:

What Is Required for Live Video Streaming in the UK?

Before going into detail, let’s discuss the essential components required to set up live video streaming in the UK.

Following are the 4 basic requirements to set up live video streaming in UK:

Audio and Video Devices

Sound and visuals play the most crucial role in live video streaming, therefore it is important to set up audio and video sources first.

Clear and distortion-free voice is essential, following are the Audio devices that can be used for live video streaming:

  • Built-in Microphone for Cameras, Phones, or Computers. These are not the best choice for good sound quality but they are relatively cheaper as they don’t require any extra cost, and they automatically come with your phones and cameras. Most vloggers rely upon built-in audio for live video streaming.
  • USB microphones provide better audio quality than built-in microphones. They have a flexible mic and are easy to use. Usually, podcasters prefer using USB microphones.
  • GoXLR microphones provide high-quality audio and are the best audio sources for live video streaming. It provides users with special controls including changing volume, changing voice, and mixing audio.

Most professional live video streamers use GoXLR microphones to take advantage of its numerous features.

An Encoder for Videos and Audio

Video encoding is the most common way of compacting videos from unauthorized sources to ensure they’re not stored in the form of distinct pictures but as one video. The fundamental reason to use encoders is to convert video and audio files into streamable digital records. Encoders also apply the necessary compression and decompression on videos.

Here are the types of encoders available:

  • Hardware Encoders are considered a better option than software encoders. This is because they have dedicated applications to encode audio and video. They also permit 24/7 live video streaming.
  • Some of the best hardware encoders are Teradek, NVIDIA-based graphic cards, and ATEM Mini Pro.
  • Software Encoders are software programs or applications that can be installed on devices. They straight up release the compressed audio and video on a streaming platform like Youtube.

The top software encoders available today in the Uk are OBS Studio, Restream Studio, and XSplit.

Live Video Streaming Platform

At this point, you need to choose a streaming platform as a destination to launch your live video stream. It is advised to choose a streaming platform that is popular among users, has an easy-to-use app, is secure, facilitates the streamers, and has good customer help services. Whichever streaming platform you choose will provide you with a special URL and stream key. Use these to connect your streaming platform and encoder.

Here are some of the recommended streaming platforms for live video streaming:

  • Vimeo
  • IBM Cloud Video
  • Brightcove
  • Panopto

Stable Internet Connection

Once you have all your equipment ready and are all set to stream, ensure your internet bandwidth is sufficient and the internet speed is fast. Poor internet connections can not only ruin the audio and video quality but also put a negative impact regarding streamers on the viewers. You can take the following steps to make sure your internet connection is strong:

  • Run Speed tests before live video streaming
  • If your device is not working, use a mobile data package
  • Ethernet cables provide a dedicated path for the internet and hence give a better internet connection

Analytics and Insights

Having content analytics and insight tools isn’t necessary but definitely a plus point. Having insights into this helps the streamer understand important details like user viewing patterns, the time an average person spends streaming, and what attracts the user more. By making use of these details the streamers can work on improving their content. Such statistics are also essential for live video streamers in understanding their personal growth and their strong and weak areas.

Wrap Up!

Live Video streaming is becoming extremely popular in the world as well as in countries like the UK. From children to adults every person is well aware of streaming platforms. This guide is for those who are aspiring to become live video streamers. We mentioned the 5 things required for live video streaming. Start with having audio and video devices, then look for a suitable encoder, next choose a decent streaming host, and lastly make sure you have a stable internet connection. If you have analytics tools consider that as a bonus. Remember consistency and creativity is the key, happy streaming to you!

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