Update Your Visitor Sign-In Sheet: 3 Reasons You Should Go Digital

Update Your Visitor Sign-In Sheet: 3 Reasons You Should Go Digital

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
November 30, 2021
Last modified on March 14th, 2023

Advances in modern technology make it nearly impossible to continue running your business the same way that you always have. The way that companies sign their visitors in is changing and the industry for visitor management systems is growing. In fact, the $1.1 billion industry is expected to grow to $2.3 billion over the next five years.

With a visitor management system in place, you can outsource your receptionists’ duties and save your company some cash. However, it can also improve the whole sign-in process that visitors have to abide by to gain entry to the building.

Continue reading to learn why you should update your visitor sign-in sheet to a digital visitor management system.

Update Your Visitor Sign-In Sheet: 3 Reasons You Should Go Digital

Simplifying the Sign-In Procedure

If you have high-priority clients, you may not want to (or be allowed to) give their information to a front desk receptionist. With a visitor management system, you simply plug their information into the secured system without potentially giving away sensitive information.

This system also helps to simplify the entire sign-in procedure making it easier for your clients and visitors. Clients/visitors can simply scan their driver’s license at the sign-in kiosk. The sign-in fields on the screen can be customized to collect any information that you might need from them to give them access.

Preparing Visitors for Emergencies With Safety Protocols

One of the most important services that a VMS can provide is giving visitors a run-down of safety protocols they might need to follow in case of an emergency. These protocols can be added directly to the sign-in procedure to make visitors aware of evacuation plans and exit procedures.

Notifying Employees of Incoming Visitors

You (and your employees) will be able to better manage your time in the office. They will be notified when their visitors arrive so that they don’t waste anyone’s time. It also helps them to be better prepared for the incoming individual so that they aren’t caught off-guard.

The visitor management software adds a layer of workplace security to your business. If someone is not welcome to visit one of your employees, they will not be given access to the facility or building.

Cutting Down on Paperwork for Everyone Involved

By going digital (with a cloud-based visitor log), you cut out the need for paperwork. The visitor management software verifies the identities of everyone coming in and out of the business daily. It can print out temporary visitor badges as well.

Without the paper copy of your visitor log, you improve your business’s likelihood of being GDPR-compliant. This means that your visitor’s information is protected and will stay that way.

Digitize Your Visitor Sign-In Sheet

Going digital with your visitor sign-in sheet is a great investment. It allows you to keep track of your visitors while keeping them safe AND can notify your business of incoming visitors before you get ambushed at your office door. All in all, it helps to improve the efficiency of your entire business from the front desk to the CEO’s office.

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