Top PHP frameworks for web developers in 2023

Top PHP frameworks for web developers in 2023

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
January 17, 2023

PHP is a powerful and famous tool for building dynamic web pages and apps. PHP is a key component of the web development environment as it powers over 75% of global websites. It is also quite powerful in supporting many of the most important sites on the internet. Additionally, it is free to download and use.

The purpose of a PHP framework

A PHP development company can use the framework for the following purposes.

  • Hasten the development process by giving developers entry to software architecture, templates and other elements.
  • Increase the security of the website or app since major PHP frameworks adhere to security best practices.
  • Lessen the number of faults in the PHP code and prevent creating the same stuff for all apps.
  • To benefit from the framework’s third-party ecosystem, which includes add-ons, plugins, and templates.

What characteristics should a PHP framework have?

When selecting a PHP framework, there are several aspects to consider. One good option is to hire PHP developers with prior experience with PHP frameworks.

  • The public typically drives a framework. It is better to have a large and energetic community to preserve and enhance a framework.
  • Consider looking for a different solution if it does not satisfy the demands and objectives of a business.
  • It is better to check that the particular framework receives regular maintenance and continues to serve the technology stack in the future.
  • The contact options are available for any queries or worries. This point frequently relates to the popularity and communal size requirements. There should be access to online and written resources to guide through any difficulties.

However, testing them out before incorporating them into the tech stack is the best approach to making a choice. There is no need to test all frameworks. However, limiting the options to just two or three to try out is feasible.

What are the best PHP frameworks?

Top PHP frameworks for web developers in 2023

A PHP development company can select a framework according to its popularity and capacity to simplify the building of web apps.

  • Laravel

Laravel, first released in 2011, is now the most widely used free and open-source PHP framework worldwide. It is far quicker than other frameworks in handling complex web apps safely. Additionally, it emphasizes developer experience and features an appealing syntax.

Laravel makes the development process more straightforward. It improves routine operations like routing, sessions, and authentication. Whether creating small or large apps, Laravel is a good choice for those with complicated backend needs. It is a feature-rich PHP framework that allows for customizing intricate apps.  The performance and security of Laravel are on par with what is expected of a contemporary online application.

  • CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework suited for creating dynamic websites and is renowned for having a minimal file size. It provides a wide range of inbuilt modules that facilitate the construction of durable and repeatable components. CodeIgniter is much faster than competing frameworks. It is an attractive option when there is a need to create lightweight apps that can run on low-powered servers. It provides reliable performance.

CodeIgniter is also a straightforward and compact PHP framework that is easy to set up. It is perfect for starters because of a straightforward setup procedure and thoroughly documented instructions. The MVC architecture, excellent error handling, built-in security measures, and precise documentation are essential characteristics. Additionally, CodeIgniter can be used to develop scalable applications.

  • Symfony

Symfony is one of the oldest available frameworks. It is a dependable and established platform. It is the only framework proven to adhere strictly to PHP and web standards and is a comprehensive PHP MVC framework.

Enterprise project development is made easy with Symfony. On many platforms, installation and configuration are simple. The use of reusable PHP components is among its main advantages. Additionally, it promises stability, sticks to the majority of web best practices and design patterns, and supports connectivity with third-party libraries.

  • CakePHP

PHP developers can create visually appealing, feature-rich websites and apps with CakePHP. CakePHP is a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) framework, making it one of the simplest frameworks to understand. CakePHP has improved performance and included various new features since its first appearance.

CakePHP is straightforward and convenient to set up. It only requires a server and a framework copy. CakePHP offers excellent documentation, numerous support forums, and premium assistance.


Utilizing a PHP framework makes programming more manageable and reduces the workload. Every framework differs regarding its community, documentation, and supported databases, and each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Therefore, the optimal framework should rely on security, usability, scalability, and documentation. One alternative option is to consult a PHP development company to simplify the entire task. They should be able to pick the most appropriate PHP framework for the project.

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