How to Hire a Professional Java Development Company?

How to Hire a Professional Java Development Company?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
May 23, 2023

Statista reports that Java is the 6th most popular programming language in the world, with over 8 million Java developers.

There is a large network of Java developers that you can hire, but this network contains many bad coders who you could hire in error to join your Java development team. Finding and hiring the best custom java development company can be frustrating, especially if you need to go through lot information and profiles to find them.

How to Hire a Professional Java Development Company?

Professional Java Development Company

This article will help you hire a Java development company to handle your Java projects or other Java solutions.

These tips can help you hire the best java developer, whether you’re the CEO of a new startup or the executive in charge of your company’s digital marketing strategy.

  • Describe the project requirements

Before you start looking for Java developers, list all the requirements that your Java solution will need. List down what you need the software to do and the features and functions that it should have. If you are unsure of the features and functionalities your Java software must have, Impressico’s CTO can guide you.

  • Analyzing the Business Needs

You should also examine your company’s needs.

How many developers will you need? Multiple developers can be used for multiple projects.

What are the skills you’re looking for in a Java team?

What is your budget for hiring a java development firm? Remember that the higher your budget, the better you can make your pay scale. If you are willing to pay more, you may be able find highly-skilled engineers.

After you have collected all of this information, it is time to start searching for the best java software outsourcing companies.

  • What to Look for in the Right Places

Google is a great place to start looking for companies that offer Java development services. Clutch also has ratings for “Top Java Developers”. You can dig deeper into the companies recommended by Clutch.

LinkedIn is a professional social network for people from all fields. Search using local parameters to simplify the process.

  • Find Case Studies

Write down the names of companies that have great potential to avoid forgetting them. You can then check their websites for portfolios and case study. Remember the most important thing: Companies that do not have case studies listed on their website are likely to be relatively new in the market and have little experience working with clients. You can further filter companies based on their Java qualifications and expertise.

  • Check for Reviews

You should hire a Java developer company that has a large number of reviews. This is because they are more likely to have feedback from past clients, which you can verify. Social proof can provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

  • Interview

You can gauge an engineer’s knowledge, skills and experience through interviews. The interviews can be conducted via video conference, since it is a remote job. You can ask Java programmers a few questions in the interview. You can ask them about their experience, types of projects that they have worked on, programming languages they are familiar with, etc.

  • Ask the representative of the company more questions.
  • Java development team experience
  • The workflow and divisions of tasks
  • Use of communication channels or agile solutions
  • Timeline for the development process
  • Ask them how they’d solve specific problems, or how certain features would be implemented in your new product.
  • Who would manage the remote Java development team?

Skills To Look For In Java Development Team

As software becomes increasingly complex, new challenges always arise. Developers today must be able to not only tackle the current challenges, but also adapt to an industry that is constantly changing.

Here are some skills you should look for when hiring a Java team:

  • Java Fundamentals

Java is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used for both client-side and server-side applications. Java is object-oriented. This means that the code is organized around data collections stored in objects. Java developers need to be aware of it in order to create bug-free code.

  • Frameworks

Frameworks are a collection of ready-made solutions that provide various functionalities such as database accessibility or web page conversion. Frameworks like Spring/Spring Boot/Spring Web, Hibernate, and other popular frameworks allow Java developers to build more agile, scalable and maintainable Java applications without needing to start from scratch.

  • Web Technologies

Java developers need to have a good understanding of technologies used by custom web application companies. For creating interactive, modern and responsive web pages, it is important to have a basic understanding of HTML/HTML5, Typescript and JavaScript. Java developers can apply CSS to their web pages to create a consistent appearance across all websites.

HTML creates the structure of web pages, while JavaScript creates a more interactive environment, allowing you to manipulate page elements, add/remove content or validate user input. TypeScript, a Microsoft superset of JavaScript that includes static typing, is a subset of JavaScript.

  • Web Frameworks

By combining HTML with CSS and JavaScript, web frameworks can be used to build client-side applications. Many frameworks include features to manage data, transform data, and add functionality to web pages.

Angular helps web developers build dynamic apps using a JavaScript front-end framework.

React is an interactive JavaScript library. It allows developers to build interactive user interfaces.

Vue is a JavaScript framework focusing on user interfaces.

  • Databases

Data is stored in databases so it can be retrieved at a later date. Databases are used by companies to track information, like customer data and sales. Java developers need to understand different types of databases and their advantages and drawbacks.

Postgresql, an open source software development database relational used in many large-scale apps.

MySQL is a relational database that is used in enterprise applications.

Oracle is a proprietary database that can be used to run both enterprise and business applications.

Mongo and Dynamo, both NoSQL database systems, are often used by businesses that do not want to maintain a relational database.

Vertica, Greenplum ClickHouse and RedShift are all great but lesser-known options.

  • Queues

A queue is an asynchronous data structure where the consumer (typically, a computer program), puts data that needs to be processed and the producer (another program), puts data that’s ready to consume.

Java developers can send and receive messages using queues such as Kafka or RabbitMQ. Kafka, for example, can be used to collect and store log data.

  • Big Data Technologies & Frameworks

Java developers can use frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm Apache Flink and Java Nifi to process big data. These technologies allow the company to make informed decisions.

Other Skills that would be an Advantage

Product Fit

Research the company that has experience in building software similar to what you are planning. It will show their efficiency and expertise in completing the project. The Java development company you choose will depend on the needs of your business and what services or products you provide. Java developers who have experience with web-based technologies will be the best choice if, for example, you are looking to create a web app.

Industry Fit

Look at the projects that a particular company has undertaken. This can include the banking, finance, banking, or accounting industries. You should try to find Java developers who have experience in your particular industry. You will have the advantage of someone who has built the solutions you may need for your software. This can speed up the development process. Find the custom Java development companies that have completed most of your industry’s projects.

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