Exploring the Features of the Latest Portable Electric Mini Bike Models

Exploring the Features of the Latest Portable Electric Mini Bike Models

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May 5, 2023


In a study we carried out recently, we observed that e-biking is a preferred means of transportation among people younger than 35 years in the US. We made inquiries among the residents of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Miami about the industry generally. Here, we found people preferred an electric bike over a traditional bicycle for their everyday commute for many reasons. The foremost is to ride without sweating, and another is to have a lighter bike. We found people considered most of the e-bikes currently in the market too heavy for convenience.

An electric portable bike mini bike is a lighter and more compact version of a regular e-bike. It is designed to solve the problem of being easily carried, whether in transit or up a flight of stairs. With an easily foldable frame, it can be restructured and realigned for storage in car trunks or in the limited storage space of a small house. This article explores the features of the Himiway Pony, a portable electric mini bike for adults.

PONY’s Concept of Design

PONY's Concept of Design

The Himiway Pony is a unique creation. Borne out of a need to provide riders with more convenience while commuting, this e-bike is designed to help you move in style. Below are some unique features of the Pony:

Mini E-bike for Adults

The Pony is a portable electric mini bike that would normally pass for a child’s bike. This is because one of such is what inspired the Himiway designer. While he was trying to come up with this innovative creation, he observed a child riding by on a balance bike. This moment made him think outside the box. With no pedals or additional chains, the bike was lighter and the child could carry it easily. This observation was enough for the designer to conceive an idea for a smaller, portable, and compact creation that could work for adults.

With creative thinking, this idea has evolved into the Pony, a fresh product designed to cater to transit needs for portability and storage. Like the child’s balance bike, it is portable, and light, and makes the rider appear cool when commuting. Weighing only 33 lb, this e-bike can be easily folded and carried in a large bag between rides. It is perfect for navigating around tight turns and narrow spaces in between cars during urban commutes.

Single Chain Stay Design

The Pony is a modern and innovative electric bike built to stand out from the competition. It is equipped with several high-quality parts, including a single-chain stay design which keeps the down tube and seat tube aligned at a 90-degree angle. This allows them to remain parallel with the chain stay, which improves the e-bike’s appeal to the eyes. The single-chain stay design enhances the Pony’s aesthetics, which makes it easy to identify among other bicycles that tend to use the conventional rear triangle build.

The Pony’s single-chain stay design is a practical innovation that serves to improve its looks and strength. It uses a widened chain which increases its overall payload capacity, making it a more secure option for riders. This also makes it perfect for those who need a more reliable means of transportation for short and long-distance commutes. It has a total payload capacity of 220 lbs and is perfectly sized for riders of heights 5’1″ to 6’4″.

Waterproof Battery Design

An e-bike’s battery stores all the charge available to enjoy using electric assist on your rides. Having one to rely on during tough or tiring parts of your commute can make it more enjoyable and sweat-free. The Pony’s small and compact build does not indicate a low battery capacity. It uses a 36V 10Ah LG lithium-ion battery, which ensures you can cover a range of 55 miles using pedal assist on a single complete charge. With its 360Wh capacity, there’s more than enough power provided to support every aspect of your urban riding.

The best part is that this battery is designed to be adequately protected from the effects of riding in harsh or inclement weather. Instead of facing outwards as is common, it is placed on the lower part of the tube. This is a strategic position to keep it safe from rain, water, or other conditions that can disturb its functioning. The waterproof design of the Pony’s battery complements other aspects for more efficient usage.

Comparison of PONY and other Mini: E-bikes

The Pony is an innovative creation with several unique selling points. From its physical to its mechanical aspects, there are many advantages of using the portable electric mini bike over other two-wheeler transit options. There are also a few cons to consider. In comparison with other options, the following are vital:

VS Mini Motor-Bike:


  • A portable mini e-bike like the Pony is lighter and easier to carry around than the mini motorbike.
  • It requires less maintenance than a gas-powered motorbike.
  • Its operating cost is much lower since it is charged using electricity.
  • Emits much less pollution than gasoline-powered options.
  • Does not require a license in many countries, unlike a mini motorbike.


  • Transit limitations due to battery range and charge level.
  • May not be as strong or as durable as a mini motorbike.
  • Not built to handle rough terrain like a motorbike.

VS Mini Dirt bike:


  • The Pony is designed to make less noise than a mini dirt bike.
  • It uses a battery, which makes it a more eco-friendly option.
  • Does not require gas, oil changes, or frequent repairs like a dirt bike.
  • Great for commuting in urban areas and places where motorized vehicles are not usually allowed.
  • Lighter and more portable than a mini dirt bike.


  • The Pony’s 20 mph top speed makes it slower than a mini dirt bike.
  • It is not superior on rough off-road areas, unlike a dirt bike built specifically for this.
  • Limited range due to battery use.

VS Electric Scooters:


  • The Pony weighs much less and is easier to carry than most electric scooters.
  • It is built with a higher payload capacity to strength ratio.
  • Is sold at a much lower price than an electric scooter.
  • Can handle rough terrain better than the tires of an electric scooter allows.
  • Usually, electric scooters have more range. The Pony’s 55-mile battery range is a worthy competition.


  • The Pony can provide less balance and stability for beginners than an electric scooter.
  • It can be less comfortable to ride, due to its smaller seat.
  • Designed to move at a lower top speed.


The design and build of the Pony attest to how incorporating creative elements can provide an enhanced experience. With inspiration from an unlikely source, our designer came up with a practical approach to urban commuting. Using the Pony will help you enjoy moving efficiently in all road and traffic situations.

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