7 Advantages of Using Video Conferencing API

7 Advantages of Using Video Conferencing API

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
January 13, 2023

58% of businesses use video conferencing in their everyday tasks. Video conferencing has become an indispensable part of business operations today.

Inducting an Application Programming Interface (API) for video conferencing goes a long way in facilitating seamless communication in your company. Connect with your team with ease and execute engaging virtual events with the help of your video conferencing API.

Let’s take a deeper look at how video conferencing API eases your day-to-day operations with seamless integration.

Advantages of using video conferencing API

Video Conferencing API

In simple words, a video conferencing API is a component or plug-in that is added to an existing application — web or mobile — that allows it to conduct audio or visual communication between users that use the application.

With the heavy use of visual communication in today’s tech-heavy working setups, visual communication has emerged as a vital need for all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re an in-office working setup, remote, or hybrid, you can greatly benefit from a video conferencing API.

Here are some of the key advantages of using video conferencing API in your day-to-day operations.

  • Scale your platform

Video Conferencing API

A video conferencing API helps you scale your platform for a variety of uses. You may use the API to simply integrate one on one communication with your staff. Or conduct a full-fledged conference with multiple users.

The API can easily adjust to your needs and scale your platform accordingly. You don’t need to consult multiple applications or controls to perform different functions. You can simply control the functionality of your platform all in one place.

  • Level up communication processes

Whether it’s communication with your employees or your target audience, video conferencing API tremendously speeds up the process. Research suggests that 90% of users abandon your website and move on to other sources if they don’t receive an answer to their query in 10 minutes.

Adding a video functionality to your system paves way for fast-paced communication that gives users answers to their queries right away. It leaves no room for misunderstandings or delays that may hamper your productivity.

It speeds up internal communication within your business while giving your target audience opportunities to connect with you. Both your employees and target audience will feel invited to resolve their issues with video elements available rather than leave to check with a competitor.

  • Enjoy optimum conferencing quality

Companies today are structured in some combination of remote, in-office, and hybrid work settings. 16% of companies around the world are completely remote. They heavily rely on video communication to get everyday tasks done.

The API ensures 1080p footage for all video communication along with a full-sound bandwidth. Moreover, they are armed with a supportive video chat API to manage issues that may occur while the conference is going on.

As a result, teams can stay connected with one another at all times. Clear-quality footage ensures superior communication. People can see each other better and take hints from their body language.

  • Save travel expenses

Video communication is an excellent option to save big on the travel expenses of your business. It essentially allows you to communicate with anyone across the globe, something that might not be possible for you to do physically.

For example, you may not have the budget to go and have a meeting with a client in another country to secure a business deal. However, you can easily conduct a virtual meeting with the same client through your video API.

It saves you time, effort, and resources while expanding your horizons for business opportunities. You are restricted by your geographical location and can connect with clients that match your vision.

  • Streamlined digital workflows

We talked about video APIs helping you scale your business operations. A video API gives you a comprehensive view and control of your video operations. You can streamline the operations depending on the need of the task.

Remove redundant tasks and maintain a consolidated digital workflow in your organization. You can always add and remove communication channels or tasks, depending on the changing needs. This helps you stay flexible and agile.

You can control the video access you give your departments, employees, and applications. Control who connects with whom and restrict the entry of employees depending on the project needs. Segregate teams better and give them uninterrupted access to digital workflows.

  • Enhance business productivity

As video APIs work to improve video communication across your organization, it further adds to enhancing the productivity of your operations. When you have your tasks and communication channels sorted out, you take less time to complete projects.

You also perform with much more efficiency as your team is connected with you at all times. Any issue you may face while performing a task can be immediately resolved by conversing with a team member and getting their input on it.

Video conferencing helps you connect the different departments of your company to create a unified workspace. Departments can converse with each other for seamless collaboration on projects. Employees in multiple departments can also coordinate better with their different sets of teammates.

  • Adopt heightened security measures

Video conferencing API goes to great lengths to maintain the security of your system. It is developed and tested to integrate with a multitude of systems and applications without compromising security.

Video conferencing is notorious for letting intruders and hackers into a system as they can simply join in a conference as a user. The API works to secure the pathways with the permissions you grant along with codes and permissions.

That said, you should also be vigilant in who you let into your system and allow it to be a part of video communication. If you spot any suspicious behavior, immediately inform the concerned authorities and raise a ticket with the API system.


Video communication is a vital need of businesses today. A video conferencing API helps you integrate it into your business structure with effortless ease. It helps you level up your communication while saving on travel expenses.

Your employees and target audience can connect with you better through real-time video communication. You can scale your digital workflow to experience better productivity and grow your business.

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