5 Features Every Shop Management App Should Have

5 Features Every Shop Management App Should Have

Written by Moli Mishra, In Technology, Published On
May 25, 2022

Shop Management App is an application that can help the store manager to keep track of every transaction, generate bills, and more. The shop management software allows the shop owners to have a keen look and manage every kind of operation inside their shop with more convenience than the conventional way of working in a manual shop. Shop management has many benefits, resulting in increased profits, better stock, and a fluent billing process for the business. Here are five features that every Shop Management App must-have.

Forecasting & Projection Alerts

This might sound simple, but a Shop Management App should have the feature to calculate the quality of products required in the coming time. If the app can execute this, you will get one step ahead in the supply chain. You won’t have to fear getting stock out as the app will remind you about the availability of stock in the inventory beforehand so that no issue is caused in the future. The app should be able to track the availability of goods in the shop and respond with the same when inquired. 

The most prominent feature of shop management software is telling how many products or SKUs are left in the shop and which have to order from the distributor so that you don’t go out of stock on a specific high-selling product. Consider whether the shop management app you are looking forward to using can tell this information with trend analysis.

Barcode & Scanning

Barcode & scanning is an essential feature present in your Shop Management App. A barcode is machine-readable data, which your app must be able to reach using a scanner. The data contained in the barcode can easily make your work lesser with proper accounting of the SKUs, customer shipments, and purchase orders. 

Improved Analysis

When opting for a shop management app, you should look for features that are generally not in every other app. One such feature is improved analysis. Can the app analyse the data such as gross margin return on the investment you have made on specific products or the inventory turnover by an SKU? If the app has the feature of giving you these kinds of analyzed data, you must look into the generosity of the data. 


There are two types of shop management software, one which you have to get installed on-premise and others which are cloud-based. The meaning of cloud-based is that one can access information about anything in the shop even if they are not present on the device where the software or app is installed. If the app you have chosen has the cloud-based availability feature, you can access the data 24*7 from anywhere without any barrier of location or time.

Mobile Access

When opting for the perfect shop management app, you must look at whether the app is available on mobile. In today’s day and age, we spend more time on our mobiles than laptops or PCs, and the main reason behind that is that a smartphone is more convenient to use and readily available in your left pocket. This can also be a good feature if you have several shops in multiple locations and do not want to have a PC installed in everyone.

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