3 Great Features Every Screen Recording App Must Have

3 Great Features Every Screen Recording App Must Have

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Apps, Technology, Published On
August 26, 2021

A screen recording software allows you to make digital recordings of contents from your computer screen. So, whether you create a marketing campaign for your business, make a compelling video tutorial or record desktop activities, the technology helps you achieve these goals.

There is a truckload of screen recording apps in the market, and understanding what works best for your business is more than just a welcome help. The software must be lined with several features and not just the basics of capturing your computer screen. Here are some of the tools and features which a great screen recorder must have

3 Great Features Every Screen Recording App Must Have

  • Craft High-Quality Videos with a Good Screen Recording Tool

A good screen recorder will not just record what’s on your computer screen but also provide your business with high-quality video output. This feature is extremely useful if you work in a corporate setting that requires video presentations at certain resolutions.

Nowadays, screen recorders are not just meant for home or office use but are more needed in the commercial setting. For example, creating the perfect presentations, training videos, reports, or product demos are an essential workload that demands good screen recording software.

Additionally, a feature-rich screen recording tool provides the ability to interact with the screen. If you can directly draw, mark, and highlight important scenes or information, it means you have a quality screen recording app at your disposal.

  • Real-time Commenting for Team Interaction and Collaborations

Not every screen recording tool allows you to comment on videos because of feature restrictions and the software’s capacity. Moreover, tools like Shootsta are developed with a robust set of advanced features to better team collaborations.

New screen recording technologies like real-time commenting and feedback features provide a good way for teams to interact and collaborate on a single platform. This feature is extremely useful during product presentations and team meeting efforts because it allows you to give feedback and raise questions.

On the other hand, the effectiveness of this feature comes from allowing a business to have a streamlined communication process. Unfortunately, most screen recorders are just intended to record your computer screen and lack the necessary interaction tools.

  • An Innovative Screen Recording Software is AI-Powered

The move from digital to Artificial Intelligence is swiftly making changes in every industry. For example, screen recorders powered by AI technology are much more intuitive than those developed with traditional coding techniques.

Shootsta was developed to help you achieve minuscule tasks and improve video automation based on your business demands. On the other side of the spectrum, such features provide a ripple effect to any business, providing an accelerated sales cycle. Such technology also allows your business to capture audience participation faster because of personalized video outputs.


When looking for a commercial-grade application, it is always better to have one that provides more than just its intended task. For example, screen recorders have grown from just an extra tool to an AI-powered application that can help grow your business.

A screen recorder with all the right features can supercharge your entire team by allowing collaborative efforts to take place under one software. Such tools provide an invaluable benefit to any organization, giving your business the power to create powerful messages and highly efficient videos.

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