10 Cloud Tech Solutions That Promote Environmental Sustainability

10 Cloud Tech Solutions That Promote Environmental Sustainability

Written by Alison Lurie, In Technology, Published On
December 1, 2022

Using cloud tech can reduce the carbon footprint of any business. Going further to complete certain tech solutions can help promote environmental sustainability while ensuring all cloud business operations run smoothly.

10 Best Cloud Tech Solutions For Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Here are 10 cloud tech solutions your business can take to further boost the sustainability of the environment:

  • Reducing Electronic Waste

Refurbishing and reusing technology equipment that hasn’t reached the end of its life allows companies to minimize and reduce electronic waste. This also allows businesses to maximize the value of electronic products and materials, which may help reduce costs, but most certainly promotes environmental sustainability.

  • Using the Cloud Reaches Data for Sustainability

It is no secret that using cloud technology helps businesses monitor energy consumption, material waste, and even water use. Cloud technology allows businesses to communicate and share data in real-time, which can be helpful to note company sustainability patterns.

  • Consuming What Is Needed

Cloud technology is designed to provide computing resources with little waste. There is no wasted energy in terms of power/cooling, hardware, and computing power. This is possible by forgoing hardware for online apps on the cloud.

  • Digital Models and Analytics

Cloud technology provides the ability to integrate and analyze large amounts of data, and can also create digital models and support analytics that would be impossible to receive with standard servers.

  • Performance and Insights

Sustainable cloud technology can measure the performance of a business in comparison to goals, which cannot be said for traditional servers. Cloud technology can also give companies insight into effective solutions unique to their objectives.

  • High Utilization

Compared to more traditional data servers, cloud technology operates servers at higher utilization rates. This increases the efficiency of a business, while not having any negative effects on the environment.

  • SaaS Solutions

Software as a Service, better known as SaaS Solutions is a helpful cloud solution when it comes to enabling businesses to promote sustainability within their practices. SaaS platforms can provide a cloud application solution by automating key activities within a company.

  • Circular Economy & High-Efficiency Infrastructure

When businesses turn to cloud technology, they can enjoy benefits from the economy of scale, especially when it comes to energy consumption and equipment. Working with the cloud can help you take advantage of a high-energy infrastructure that contains centralized servers and intelligent cooling systems.

  • Sustainable Software Engineering

Businesses can truly reduce application energy consumption when going for the appropriate programming language for the task at hand. This can reduce application energy consumption by up to 50x.

  • Application Optimization for the Cloud

Optimizing applications for the cloud can help companies greatly reduce their carbon footprint. It has been recorded that carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 98% when it comes to using application configuration for the cloud technology companies work with.

As a company, environmental sustainability should be on your list of goals while figuring out the right technologies for your operations. Cloud tech solutions can provide sustainability and help reduce the carbon footprint for businesses.

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