Canon PIXMA TS5350i: Honest Review

Canon PIXMA TS5350i: Honest Review

Written by Moli Mishra, In Printer, Published On
November 10, 2023
Last modified on November 13th, 2023

PIXMA TS5350i is a new version of the discontinued TS5350. It supports Canon’s new PIXMA Print Plans, a subscription ink service to challenge HP Instant Ink and Epson ReadyPrint, like previous “i” PIXMAs. Its attractive design, versatile paper handling, and Wi-Fi capability might make it the best home multipurpose peripheral for the money. Let’s analyse this affordable picture printer.

Canon PIXMA TS5350i Specs

Printer Output Colour
Resolution 1200 x 2400 dpi
Auto Duplex Printing YES
Print Resolution Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
Technology 2 FINE cartridges (black and color)
Speed 13 PPM (Black & White/Monochrome) 7 PPM (Colour)
Print Speed 6.8 pages/min

Design and features

Canon PIXMA TS5350i

Price is one of the Canon PIXMA TS5350i’s most significant qualities. The newer TS5350 costs £50, compared to £70 for the older one. It buys a multifunction printer that prints, scans, copies, and connects to your home wireless network for a little while. The TS5350i includes a tiny control panel with a screen and two paper inputs, unlike other MFPs at this price. In a home MFP, you may store plain paper in the 100-sheet cassette and use the back tray for coated media photographs. Automatic duplex printing on a budget MFP is rare. Saving paper and making multi-page papers seem professional are excellent benefits.

Canon PIXMA TS5350i front screen

Canon appears to have abandoned five- or six-colour PIXMA designs with separate cartridges. The TS5350i has one black and one tricolour (cyan, magenta, yellow) cartridge. It’s simpler with only two consumables, but you may need a new tricolour cartridge when the first ink runs out.

Canon PIXMA TS5350i cartridges

Canon PIXMA TS5350i

Here, we must discuss this printer’s operating costs. Two cartridge sizes are available: ‘XL’ for 400 black and 300 colour pages. That seems reasonable; however, they charge $13 for each page of text and colour images. I would normally say that was too high. Canon’s PIXMA Print Plan saves the TS5350i. Like its HP and Epson counterparts, this connects your printer to its maker to purchase ink when it runs out.

A specific number of pages is included in your monthly price, and any extras can be carried over. The largest plan gives 200 pages for £9 a month, or 4.5p per page. Even the smallest 30-page package costs 8.3 p.m.These prices are competitive, but they’re best if you use all your monthly pages. They apply to everything you print: if you print graphics and images (which take a lot of ink), you’ll be quids in, but if you merely print black text, purchasing your own cartridges may be cheaper.

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Print quality and speed

Clicking on the Canon PIXMA TS5350i printer’s cartridges, installing the PC drivers (or downloading the app), and submitting print jobs is simple. I succeeded with our standard testing, which blends plain paper text and graphics with coated paper photographs. The time between clicking Print on the finished item in the printer’s output tray Our tests include the time it takes a PC to produce and transmit the work, which is more accurate than manufacturers’ speed numbers but can slow down small jobs.

PIXMA TS5350i specs

Canon PIXMA TS5350i

This MFP’s scanner scanned an A4 sheet at 150 dpi in 15 seconds and a preview picture in 10 seconds. It took 32 seconds to take a 10x15cm (6×4”) photo at 600 dpi, which is decent but not fast. The printer and scanner made mono photocopies in 17 seconds and colour copies in 30.

Though not the quickest MFP, the TS5350i is worth waiting for its results. Black writing was bright and bold; you wouldn’t realise it wasn’t laser printed. The colour images were bold and vivid on plain paper, although I could see bands in huge background fill sections. Photocopies were well-exposed, with little definition loss in deeper hues and excellent colour reproduction.

Canon doesn’t sell the TS5350i as a picture printer, although most PIXMA printers are for photos and creativity. It’s no surprise that this MFP can produce good photographs when needed. It reproduced skin tones well, keeping detail in group and close-up portraiture. Blue skies, sunsets, and landscapes were believable, but dark colours lost definition.

Canon PIXMA TS5350i scanner

The MFP scanner is powerful. I’ve seen sharper images, but its exposure was great on office papers, photographs, and test patterns. It can digitise schoolwork and precious photos, but without an automatic document feeder, it’s not perfect for archiving a lot of communication.

Should you buy it?

Canon PIXMA TS5350i

Multipurpose and great for ink subscription aficionados. This sleek inkjet is a good MFP if you can afford an ink subscription. Avoid them if you dislike ink subscriptions. If you don’t want monthly payments or the greatest photographs, spend extra.

Set-Up Guide:

  1. Set up your printer.
  2. Plug your printer into your computer via USB.
  3. Run the installation file from your CD ROM or the Canon website and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  4. Select USB Connection on the Connection Method Selection screen.
  5. Follow the on-screen directions.

Pros and cons of Canon PIXMA TS5350i

Great Performance Not so much a fast printer
Great Price Quite Expensive
Plain Paper Print Quality Is Awesome
Good Photo Quality

One last thought

Canon’s PIXMA TS5350i MFP is affordable, but it packs a punch. Even though it takes longer to deliver prints, scans, and copies, it handles paper well. It’s too costly to operate without a PIXMA Print Plan, but if you prefer paying monthly and can find a subscription that suits, it may be an inexpensive printer to buy and keep, even if you print a lot of photographs. If this cheap hardware and pricey ink mix doesn’t suit you, check out our best printer and best picture printer guidelines.

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