Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw: A High-Performance Office Color Laser Printer

Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw: A High-Performance Office Color Laser Printer

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June 1, 2024

The Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw, priced at $629.99, emerges as a premier choice for small to midsized workgroups and offices, earning Editors’ Choice honors for its impressive print quality, extensive connectivity options, and expandable paper input capacity. Replacing the Canon Color imageClass LBP664Cdw, this single-function color laser printer not only outperforms its predecessor but also comes in a more compact and lighter form factor, making it a compelling addition to any modern office setup.

Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw Specifications

Print TechnologyLaser
Print Speed35 pages per minute (ppm)
First Print-Out TimeApprox. 7.7 seconds
Print ResolutionUp to 600 x 600 dpi
Monthly Duty Cycle4,000 pages (recommended)
Paper Input Capacity250-sheet cassette, 50-sheet multi-purpose tray
Expandable Input CapacityUp to 850 sheets with optional 550-sheet tray (PF-K1)
Output Capacity75 sheets
Display5-inch color touchscreen
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct
Mobile PrintingApple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service
Dimensions (HWD)15 x 16.8 x 16.9 inches
Weight35.5 pounds
Operating System SupportWindows, macOS
Toner CartridgesPreloaded
Optional Accessories550-sheet paper tray (PF-K1)

Design and Build: Compact and Efficient

Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw

One of the most striking features of the Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw is its compact design. Measuring 15 by 16.8 by 16.9 inches (HWD) and weighing 35.5 pounds, it is significantly smaller and lighter than the now-discontinued LBP664Cdw, which measured 23.3 by 17.5 by 23.1 inches and weighed 47.8 pounds. This reduction in size and weight follows the industry trend of making color laser printers more space-efficient while enhancing performance.

The LBP674Cdw is rated at an impressive speed of 35 pages per minute (ppm), a notable increase from the 28 ppm of its predecessor. This speed enhancement does not come at the cost of paper-handling capabilities. Both the LBP674Cdw and the LBP664Cdw feature a 250-sheet cassette and a 50-sheet override tray, with the option to expand the input capacity to 850 sheets using an additional 550-sheet tray, the PF-K1, which costs $249.99.

This capacity is generally sufficient for most offices and workgroups. Still, the increased print speed of the LBP674Cdw may justify the additional investment in the optional tray for higher-volume printing needs. In comparison, competing models such as the Ricoh C125 P and the Lexmark C3326dw offer 250-sheet cassettes but only a single-sheet override tray. The Ricoh can be expanded to 751 sheets with a 500-sheet extension tray priced at $174, whereas the Lexmark does not support additional trays.

The recommended monthly duty cycle for the LBP674Cdw stands at 4,000 pages, matching the previous model and far exceeding the 2,500-page cycle of the Lexmark C3326dw and the 1,500-page cycle of the Ricoh C125 P. Canon has ceased publishing maximum monthly duty cycles for its printers. Still, this recommended cycle indicates a robust build suited for demanding office environments.

Performance and Output Quality

Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw

The Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw excels in performance, delivering high-quality prints at a rapid pace. The 35ppm rating ensures that even large documents are printed swiftly, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Print quality is a crucial factor for any office printer, and the LBP674Cdw does not disappoint. It produces crisp text and vibrant color graphics, making it ideal for professional documents, presentations, and marketing materials.

However, the printer’s output capacity is less generous, with the output bin rated for only 75 sheets of standard 20-pound letter paper. This limitation could be a bottleneck, especially when paired with the optional 550-sheet input tray. By comparison, the Lexmark C3326dw and the Ricoh C125 P offer 100-sheet and 125-sheet output bins, respectively. For offices that frequently handle long print runs and need to leave the printer unattended, the limited output capacity might be a drawback.

Connectivity and User Interface

Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw

The LBP674Cdw is well-equipped with a comprehensive range of connectivity options. It supports USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connections, as well as Wi-Fi Direct, which allows for direct printing from compatible devices without the need for a network. Users can manage many of the printer’s functions via its internal IP address, though this requires the device to be on the same network.

Mobile printing is seamlessly supported with compatibility for Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service. The printer also features a QR code display on the touch screen, enabling quick pairing with the Canon Print Business app on both iOS and Android devices.

The onboard 5-inch color touchscreen is a standout feature, offering an intuitive and customizable interface. Preconfigured with seven tabs, each containing up to eight icon-based functions, the touch screen simplifies navigation and operation. The review unit included 15 preloaded icons covering essential functions such as paper settings, wireless LAN settings, a mobile portal, secure print, firmware updates, and toner delivery settings. Users can easily rearrange icons by pressing and holding them and then dragging and dropping them to the desired location.

Setup and Maintenance

Setting up the Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw is simple, thanks to Canon’s well-thought-out installation process. The included Setup Guide provides clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions, and a QR code allows users to download a more comprehensive user guide to their smartphones. The printer comes preloaded with toner cartridges, requiring only paper loading, power connection, and basic configuration to get started.

Canon simplifies the Wi-Fi setup process significantly. Users can connect to their Wi-Fi network by pressing the Wireless LAN Settings button on the control panel, selecting their network, and entering the password. This streamlined procedure is a relief for those who have struggled with network printer setups in the past.

Maintenance is also user-friendly. The toner cartridges are accessible from the front of the printer, cleverly hidden behind the override tray. Opening the tray and pressing a release button on the left side of the chassis drops the tray mechanism, revealing the cartridges for easy replacement. Additionally, a small door on the top left of the unit hides a USB port for printing documents directly from a thumb drive, adding to the printer’s versatility.

Running Costs and Value

Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw

One area where the Canon Color image LBP674Cdw faces criticism is its running costs. Toner expenses are slightly higher than average, which might be a concern for cost-conscious offices. However, the high print quality and performance could justify these costs, especially for businesses that prioritize output excellence.

Despite the higher toner costs, the overall value proposition of the LBP674Cdw is strong. Its speed, print quality, and extensive feature set make it a worthy investment for small to midsized offices. The compact design, user-friendly interface, and easy maintenance further enhance its appeal, ensuring that it integrates smoothly into any office environment.

Pros and Cons

High print speed (35 ppm)Slightly high toner costs
Excellent print qualitySmall 75-sheet output bin
Compact and lightweight designLimited maximum output capacity
User-friendly 5-inch color touchscreenNo add-on options for output capacity
Extensive connectivity options (USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct)
Easy Wi-Fi setup
Expandable paper input capacity
Front access toner cartridges
Mobile printing support (AirPrint, Mopria)
Built-in USB port for thumb drive printing

Should You Buy It?

The Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw is an excellent choice for small to midsized offices and workgroups looking for a high-performance color laser printer. Its fast print speed, superior print quality, and wide range of connectivity options make it a versatile addition to any office. The user-friendly 5-inch touchscreen and streamlined Wi-Fi setup process enhance its appeal, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

While the slightly high toner costs and modest output capacity may be minor drawbacks, they are outweighed by the printer’s robust performance and extensive feature set. If your office does not frequently handle lengthy print jobs or requires high output capacity, these limitations should not be a significant concern.

In conclusion, the Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw offers a compelling balance of speed, quality, and functionality, making it a valuable investment for enhancing office productivity and print quality.


The Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw stands out as a top-tier single-function color laser printer tailored for small to medium office settings. Its fast print speeds, excellent print quality, and extensive connectivity options make it a versatile and reliable choice. The 5-inch color touchscreen offers an intuitive user experience, and the streamlined Wi-Fi setup simplifies installation and network integration.

While the high toner costs and modest 75-sheet output tray are minor drawbacks, they do not significantly detract from the printer’s overall value. For offices that do not frequently print lengthy documents or leave their printer unattended, these issues are unlikely to pose significant problems.

In conclusion, the Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw is an excellent investment for any office looking to enhance productivity and output quality. Its combination of speed, quality, and ease of use, coupled with a robust design and expandable paper capacity, make it a deserving recipient of Editors’ Choice honors.


Q: What type of printer is the Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw?

A: The Canon Color imageClass LBP674Cdw is a single-function color laser printer designed for small to midsized workgroups and offices.

Q: What is the print speed of the LBP674Cdw?

A: The print speed is 35 pages per minute (ppm).

Q: What are the connectivity options available?

A: The printer supports USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct connections.

Q: Can the paper input capacity be expanded?

A: Yes, the input capacity can be expanded up to 850 sheets with an optional 550-sheet tray (PF-K1).

Q: Does the printer support mobile printing?

A: Yes, it supports Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service for mobile printing.

Q: What is the output capacity of the LBP674Cdw?

A: The output bin can hold up to 75 sheets of standard 20-pound letter paper.

Q: How do you set up the Wi-Fi connection on the LBP674Cdw?

A: Press the Wireless LAN Settings button on the control panel, select the desired Wi-Fi network, and enter the encryption key or password.

Q: Is the printer compatible with both Windows and macOS?

A: Yes, it supports both Windows PCs and macOS systems.

Q: What is the recommended monthly duty cycle for this printer?

A: The recommended monthly duty cycle is 4,000 pages.

Q: Are toner cartridges included with the printer?

A: Yes, the printer comes preloaded with toner cartridges.

Q: Does the LBP674Cdw have a touchscreen interface?

A: Yes, it features a 5-inch color touch screen for easy navigation and customization.

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