Drew Pritchard’s New Wife – Is He In A Relationship With Rebecca Pritchard?

Drew Pritchard’s New Wife – Is He In A Relationship With Rebecca Pritchard?

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June 1, 2023
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British TV personality Drew Pritchard is part of the Salvage Hunters team. So, he’s been in follow-ups like ‘Classic Cars,‘ ‘Best Buys,‘ and ‘The Restorers.  His extraordinary ability to spot valuables amid piles of trash earned him the moniker “The Junkyard Genius.” The card table and chair from the 1800s are said to have cost Pritchard £15,000.

Everything About Drew Pritchard’s New Wife

Name Andrew Drew Pritchard
DOB 24th June 1970
Age 51 (as of 2022)
Zodiac Cancer
Sex Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Weight 87 KG
Hair Colour Bald
Net Worth $9 Million(27th nov 2023)

New Wife? Is Drew Pritchard dating his sister, Rebecca?

Drew Pritchard's New Wife

No, Drew and Rebecca Pritchard are not dating. They tied the knot, but their marriage did not end happily. Drew and Rebecca’s 2017 divorce was finalized. Although the reason for their split was not disclosed, it is safe to conclude that both parties involved were in agreement. Few people thought that Drew’s relationship with Amanda Thomas was the cause of their split. But Amanda and Drew had already broken up before the issue surfaced. It looked like the rumor about Drew and Amanda Thomas dating for nearly two years was true.

They’ve known each other ever since their respective sons became buddies. But after realizing that life might have an effect, he made the decision to try to save his marriage. Despite their separation, Drew and Rebecca Pritchard continue to work together on the show Salvage Hunter and encourage friendships between their children. Drew Pritchard had been contentedly single and childless since the divorce.

Drew Pritchard’s first wife was named Rebecca

Drew Pritchard's New Wife

Drew’s first wife, Rebecca Jane Pritchard, was a real estate entrepreneur and reality TV star. The rural areas of northern Wales were apparently Rebecca’s primary operating territory. In addition, she owned a campground that she frequently let out to tourists. She is currently 63 years old and was born in the UK in February of 1958. Rebecca began her professional life working as a fashion and retail consultant for firms in both the United States and Hong Kong.

Almost twenty years of her life were devoted to this industry, and it was during this time that she met Drew. This occurred in the early years of the new millennium. Their connection flourished rapidly due to their mutual interest in antiquities and junkyards. They got married soon after, though the specific date is still being discussed. As they began to collaborate on the reality show, Drew and Rebecca’s romance blossomed. They worked well together, Drew and his first wife.

Children of Drew Pritchard

Children of Drew Pritchard

Tom Pritchard is the name of Drew and his ex-wife Rebecca’s kid. Tom is constantly lending a hand in the shop. Unfortunately, no other information about Tom can be found online. Equally mysterious is the fact that Drew is the father of multiple sons and daughters, or even that he has no children at all. Drew Pritchard is well-known as a TV host and expert on historic buildings. His most notable television appearance was on the popular show Salvage Hunters: Discovery and Quest.

Drew Pritchard’s New Wife’s Net Worth


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In 2023, experts predict that Drew Pritchard will be worth more than $8 million. The antique dealer’s professional career as a host on Salvage Hunters has brought him enormous financial success and wealth accumulation. Pritchard’s business ventures also include operating an antique restoration store. The store owner’s annual compensation is unknown at this time.

Drew is an avid treasure hunter. In 2011, he made his television debut on Salvage Hunters, which launched his career and garnered critical acclaim. He started off as a stained-glass designer and restorer before shifting his focus to antiques. In his current role, he deals in architectural artifacts. Since he went out on his own in 1993, he has prioritized originality and quality of design in his antique wares. Pritchard, who has spent almost two decades in the same home, has decided to sell. He put the home’s final price at 795 thousand pounds.

More About Drew Pritchard More

Drew Pritchard came into the world on June 24, 1970.  He is an architectural antique dealer. Before he became an antique restorer and salvage hunter, he was trained as a stained glass restorer and artist.  He started doing business on his own in 1993, and ever since then, he has made sure that the antiques he sells are unique and well-made. His life as an antique trader was also the subject of a 2011 TV show called Salvage Hunters.

The antique dealer has over 137K fans on Instagram drewpritchardantiques, where he mostly talks about his projects. Drew also had a show, but he also worked with Barker & Stonehouse to make a line of furniture that was only sold there. He still shows pictures of the antiques he has gathered on social media and on his website, Drew Pritchard. His personal life hasn’t been in the news because he likes to keep it a secret.

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