Toybox 3D Printer: An Honest Review

Toybox 3D Printer: An Honest Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Printer, Published On
October 18, 2023

Toybox 3D printer is a fantastic printer which helps you to print useful things at home. This printer prints easily with Make. Toys and it simply and quickly print toys. The function of this printer is also very easy only users have to pick the toy from a selection on the company’s website, hit the print button and have to wait for print.

Toybox 3D Printer Specification

Frame Design Open
HWD (Maximum build area) 3.5 by 3.1 by 2.8 inches
3D- Printing Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Materials Supported PLA
Warranty 1 year
Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions (HWD) 9.1 by 7.4 by 7.4 inches
Primary Interface (s) Wi-Fi
LCD Screen Yes
Top Print Resolution 200 microns
Number of Print colors 1
Number of Extruders 1
Built-in 3D Scanner? No
Interface Easy


  1. Toybox 3D printer has one-touch operation, has easy setup, has misprint- free printing and reliable.
  2. This printer is composed very good which helps in resources.
  3. This printer has way to print more than 2,000 printable projects and toys. Also one can print their own designs.


  1. Toybox 3D printer has small build position.
  2. This printer is not suitable for importing or creating 3D files elsewhere.


Toybox 3D Printer Specification

Toybox 3D printer has very simple control on itself. This printer has a small screen with single LED touch panel which offers an simple interface in filament loading and shows the status of the printer. This printer configures a little basic setting and also set up the printer very good. This printer can connect with Wi-Fi settings to the Make. Toys online service over 2.4 GHz only users has to set up an online account to control your printer. At Make. Toys there are multiple types of free toys available and users can select them like trains and tracks to castles, seasonal toys like a cute pumpkin, and oddities like an owl cookie cutter and miniature figures. However users can create their own toys on this Make.

Toys web interface, user can upload their own toys or can modify one of the available models. The process of printing is very easy users have to select the hit print and the model. The printer will automatically do the rest part for that users don’t have to copy files, process files or connect cables. However user can create tweak a single model by scaling and stretching, or personalized figures and many more.


Toybox 3D Printer Specification

The design of the Toybox 3D printer is very cute because it is small in size less than 8 inches wide and height is about 9 inches. The subject is made up of metal; the print bed can be removeable and it is made up of magnetic sheet and open place revealing the printhead. The parts of this printer are very affordable the print beds are cost only $14. The cost of each filament comes in 0.5lb reels about $10 which fits onto the back of the printer.

This printer can’t produce large prints because they are limited to just 3 inches on each side. Due to smaller parts the toys are also designed smaller in size. This printer is not for kids but it is designed to print toys. The printhead gets heated so it can be crushed the fingers if it gets touched. In this printer one cannot stop the printer in the middle but the only way to stop is to pull the power plug out or the user have to click the stop button in the web print.

Print speed

Toybox 3D printer is a small size printer with small print place so the feature of this printer has not been tested clearly that 4-inch high print can be available or not. This printer is fast enough in comparison to size of 3-inch high version it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to print.

Print Quality

Toybox 3D Printer Specification

Toybox 3D printers are very impressive with the quality because it is designed with better and clean print. This printer does not give full history as it struggles with some fine depths. The clips that clutch the wheels on the train were not very good shaped and the wheels have a symptom to stick as they were around it or sometimes it falls.

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