Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer: An Honest Review

Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer: An Honest Review

Written by Moli Mishra, In Printer, Published On
November 1, 2023

The Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer is the only printer you need if you want a cheap, basic, heavy-duty, high-quality, and sturdy black laser printer. The Canon LBP 2900B is an inexpensive single-function monochrome (black and white) laser printer. This printer has served me well for over 5 years now, with zero breakdowns. In all these years, I have only refilled the toner cartridge three times. In this piece, I’ll be discussing the Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer, including its available features, technical data, and overall performance.

 Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer Specs

Printing Speed 12 ppm (A4)
Dimensions 370 x 251 x 217mm
Memory (In-built) 2 MB
Resolution Up to 2400 x 600dpi print resolution
Paper Size A4, B5, A5, LGL, LTR, Executive, Envelope C5 / COM10 / DL, Monarch and more
First Print Out Time 9.3 seconds or less
Paper Tray Capacity 150 Sheets
Interface 7USB 2.0
Toner Cartridge Canon Cartridge 303
Weight Approx. 5.7 Kg excluding toner cartridge
Power Requirement 220 – 240V

Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer Review & Specifications

The key features and characteristics of the Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer are detailed below.

Dimensions & Construction

Canon Lbp2900b Driver

You won’t get the impression that this printer was made with low-quality materials thanks to the plastic it’s made out of. The printer can take some abuse without showing any signs of wear. The printer is not too bulky, so it will only take up a little room on your work or living room table.

Effectiveness and Rapidity

If you’re looking for a cheap black-and-white laser printer that won’t sacrifice quality, look no further than the Canon LBP 2900B. The HP Laserjet 1020 plus, another high-quality monochrome laser printer at a similar price point, is its main competitor. While the Canon 303 Toner Cartridge is included with the Canon LBP 2900B, the HP Laserjet 1020 Plus uses the more common and inexpensive 12A Toner Cartridge. Approximately 2000 A4 pages may be printed with a single Canon 303 Toner Cartridge. If you ever need more ink, you may replenish the cartridge. The cost to replace the cartridge in the market is between Rs. 250 and Rs.

Functionality & Accessibility

Canon Lbp2900b Driver

You shouldn’t anticipate any bells and whistles from a printer in this price category, and that’s exactly what you won’t find here. It is a printer designed to print thousands of pages without malfunctioning or generating issues. You hardly ever need to do anything to this printer but replace the ink cartridge when it runs dry. No matter how long you use this printer, you will never have to deal with a paper jam.

Cost and Closing Remarks

Finally, the Canon LBP 2900B is your only true alternative for a high-performance, sturdy, inexpensive, efficient, maintenance-free, and long-life black-and-white Laser printer. The regular price of a Canon LBP 2900B is roughly Rs. 8,000. However, the discounted link we’ve provided below will let you purchase one for considerably less.

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How to Setup Canon LBP 2900B Laser Printer

  1. Before installing the driver, make sure the USB cord connecting the device and computer is disconnected.
  2. After the driver is installed, you can click the USB cord.
  3. Compression was applied to the driver and program files.
  4. Downloading and extracting the compressed files is explained below.
  5. The first step in downloading a file is to click the link to the file, then click [Save] and choose a destination folder. Automatically, the download will begin.
  6. The downloaded files are automatically extracted (.exe format) and placed in the designated folder.
  7. To unzip the files, double-click on them. In the same location, a new folder will be made. The zipped file’s original name will be used to label the new directory.
  8. After the Setup.exe file has been decompressed, double-click it to begin the installation.

Pros And Cons

Canon Lbp2900b Driver

Very Simple To use and Set Up For Canon printers only.
Find printer models without any difficulties. Required manual consultation for several functionalities.
Prevents software bugs. Printer models vary in functionality.
Can print on numerous Canon models.
Windows-compatible and free.


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Has a mobile version?

The use of cellular devices is not supported. This inexpensive printer is simple to operate and requires no routine servicing, making it ideal for use in homes and small businesses.

Can I use butter paper or tracing paper with this printer to create a butter screen?

It has the same capabilities as any other laser printer.

How come it’s so beneficial?

Simply print this out. The hardware is simple and trustworthy despite its age. Wi-Fi, scanning, etc. printers use complex technology that degrades rapidly. To reset the toner, you need to wait 150 seconds. It doesn’t cost much to replace the cartridge. Select a scanner instead of a multifunction printer if scanning is needed.

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