Top 10+ Tools to Add Facebook Reviews On Website

Top 10+ Tools to Add Facebook Reviews On Website

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
July 8, 2021

Social media platforms’ growing popularity and half of the world’s population as active users. There is a possibility to reach people in diverse parts of the world has expanded. It has given businesses more opportunities to market their products and services.

Facebook is a platform on social media that has changed the way people interact with one another.

Facebook benefits both as for public it encourages people to become more sociable. And for marketers to execute campaigns utilizing Facebook as the primary source.

The latest trend in social media marketing is to integrate social media content on a website. The reason for doing this is to improve the visitor’s experience. Content like photographs, videos, gifs, and other graphics.

But Why Do People Leave Facebook Reviews On Websites?

Facebook has become the leader of the social media market for two main reasons:

  • With the most significant number of users.
  • Social media content creators worldwide.

It is the most effective social media platform for:

  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Reaching

Facebook is a popular platform for reviews and suggestions as it gives genuine content. To all the prospective customers seeking real customer feedback.

Add Facebook reviews to your website, and it takes your marketing strategy to new heights.

Adding Facebook reviews to your website has many advantages for your company:

  • Greater audience engagement.
  • Trust.
  • Original content.
  • New user conversions.

But how are you going to incorporate these Facebook reviews into your website? Collecting Facebook reviews and pasting them onto your website is a straightforward approach.

You can do this by hand, but it will take a long time and effort. The reason is, only one review can be pasted with no modification or changes to the layout designs.

To make the process of adding Facebook reviews efficient and straightforward for your business. You can use the Facebook Review Widget to speed up the process of gathering. And by doing this, you can do two things:

  • Displaying several Facebook Reviews at once.
  • Transforming them into attractive website designs.

There are various Facebook Review systems on the market, but deciding which one is ideal for your business can be difficult.

So, in this article by best ghostwriting services, we’ll go over more than the top five tools for adding Facebook Reviews to your website.

Top 10+ Tools to Add Facebook Reviews On Website

Taggbox Widget(Best Widget To Embed Facebook Reviews)


Taggbox Widget is an all-in-one solution for collecting and embedding innovative user-generated material.

Taggbox Widget allows you to add social media content from various sources, including:

It provides you with various customization options, including many themes. To display your Facebook Reviews in the best possible light and the ability to cut anything not required for your website.

EmbedSocial(Top Tool For Adding Facebook Reviews)

EmbedSocial(Top Tool For Adding Facebook Reviews)
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This tool gives you the tools you need to collect and display social media material. In regards to various sources in a simple curating process.

The function of EmbedSocial is:

  • It will collect all accessible reviews on your Facebook page.
  • Provide you with the ability to integrate Facebook reviews into your website.
  • With using various themes and layout patterns that best suit your website design.

SnapWidget(Most Used Widget To Add Fb Reviews)


SnapWidget is popular because:

  • Its easy-to-use functionality.
  • Allowing anyone to generate and collect Facebook updates or material.

Embed.Ly(Best One To Add Facebook Reviews To Website)

Embed.Ly(Best One To Add Facebook Reviews To Website)

Embed that lets you collect and present Facebook reviews on your website in an artistic way. In addition, you can share posts from any source as Facebook is connected with many social networks.

SociableKIT(Tool To Add Facebook Reviews To Website)


SociableKIT is another valuable tool for:

  • Collecting.
  • Designing.
  • Adding Facebook reviews to your website.

It will provide you with professional and smooth functionality. As for creating a Facebook Review Widget and embedding it in a single click. As Saving you time and effort so you can concentrate on other marketing techniques.

Facebook reviews(Top Plugin To Embed Facebook Reviews To Website )

The tools described above are the best on the market for adding Facebook reviews to your website. Let us now discuss Facebook’s feature, the Facebook Review function.

Facebook has launched it to assist businesses and Facebook page owners in collecting. Embedding Facebook reviews on their websites:

  • To boost audience engagement.
  • Interact with their Facebook page.

Smash Balloon(Best WordPress Plugin To Add Facebook Reviews To Website )


Smash Balloon makes use of a plugin to show:

  • Facebook posts.
  • Highlight forthcoming brand events.
  • Provide impressive testimonials to product listings.
  • Display trustworthy user-generated material and more.

It’s simple to browse WordPress Facebook feeds with Smash Balloon. Which helps enhance user involvement on business websites without slowing them down.

This feature allows you to regulate what information appears on your website. While it avoids trolls and unwanted remarks. It also allows us to use account mentions to filter posts and customize feeds before distributing them to other online platforms. Hashtags can be used.

Facebook Buttons(Most Used Tool To Add Fb Reviews)

Facebook buttons are simple to add to your website and allow visitors to share your content with their friends and family. Learning how to insert Facebook buttons will make a significant difference in traffic. You may also use these buttons to increase the number of people that visit your brand’s Facebook page.

Facebook like Button

You should know that the Like button is the ultimate approval stamp if you’re new to Facebook. Making your users like your page is an excellent method to get them to connect with your material.

Share Button:

When your followers click the Share button, then they can share the information on their:

  • Timeline.
  • On a friend’s timeline.
  • Or over Facebook Messenger.

Save Button:

User groups can use the Save button to save an article, post, or page to a list that only they have access to. Then, users may go back and look at:

  • What they’ve saved.
  • Share it with their friends.
  • Get notifications for any page or product updates.


Facebook is the most popular and recognizable social media site. And it is revolutionizing social media marketing. Social media platforms play a significant part in enhancing:

  • Marketing.
  • SEO.
  • Building relationships with potential clients.

Facebook provides various benefits to business owners, ranging from advertising. To customer relationship management to trust development and online reviews.

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